Sunday, May 31, 2009

wobbly sweetness

I really like the word wobbly. It's just fun to say. And unlike most of the fun words I use, my spellcheck totally doesn't get mad when I use it! How cool is that? My dog has this really pretty ball. It's in all these rainbow colors and it's like this twisty braided ball. I'm pretty sure I like it a lot more than she does. That's not the point. It's pretty and fun and it has the word wobbly in it.

I'm sure you're wondering about my sudden obsession with the word wobbly. I'll let my Spoonful for tonight explain it:

They're Wobbly Bowls! How. Cool. Is. THAT? Aren't they beautiful? So many pretty colors. And they make me so happy! And they have a little pattern in them, which just adds to the coolness. I want to buy all the colors and have a bright, happy dinnerware set that all my friends will envy. And then I will flaunt them when they come visit and refuse to tell them where I got them because no one is allowed to be as cool as me. Ok, that might be mean. I just love them though! I would do my kitchen in neutrals; browns, tans, taupes. And then all the sudden *BAM* my dishes would come out. I'm pretty sure I've thought about this way too much.

Anyway, they come from atelierBB. She has some other incredible items in her shop, so be sure to check them all out. I especially like the Tapas Crostini platters too! I have no idea what a Tapas Crostini is, but I know I need one. Or four.

I'm in love. And I'm pretty sure my Wobbly Plates won't be divorcing me. The only thing a girl can count on is her dinnerware.



  1. Those are indeed VERY cool. Inebriated potters have to make a living too.

  2. Those would be perfect for me!! I wouldn't be able to break them. LOL Would definitely by buying the red ones.

  3. Those are really cute-great colors