Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sugar covered purple elephants & yellow aardvarks

Went to dinner with the fam tonight. We ate a a really yummy restaurant called Potato Patch. They throws rolls at you. For real. This guy comes out with a big pan of rolls and tosses them to you. It's this fantastic home-cooking place. They have big yeast rolls and sometimes roll guy throws muffins. Homemade muffins...Then every table gets an appetizer of fried green tomatoes and fried okra for free. Welcome to Texas, ya'll. I think I ate more carbs tonight than I will for the rest of the year. Three rolls, a muffin, fried okra, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and mac and cheese. I kid you not. I stuffed myself to the point of physical pain. Ah carbs. How I love thee.

I'm going to start a brand new psychological program. It will be called retail therapy. I don't care if it seems irresponsible or dangerous to your credit. It's a tried and true solution to most of life's problems. There's just something about getting new stuff that is good for the soul. Everyone can sign up for the low, low cost of $812. It's a deal, I know. There's a goody bag included :)

While getting new stuff heals all wounds (screw time!), I think a lot about what I can do to make myself happier. It's hard. What I want to be happy is my husband. I want my life back. But I don't get that. So I have to find a way around it. I was driving to my hair appointment today and I had an epiphany. I can let go and move on, no matter how much it hurts, or I can keep holding on to something that's already gone. I don't want to let go. I don't want to be in this position. But I'm learning that life rarely gives you a choice. I wish it was as easy as just letting go. It's going to be more like prying my cold dead fingers off. I know my heart is going to break many more times before I come out on the other side, but I guess it's just going to have to hurt.

That was all kind of random. I haven't had a lot of time to myself since family has been in town, so my thoughts build up all day and then I just start making absolutely no sense because my brain gets everything jumbled up. But this post is actually for my Spoonful of Sugar. I'll get to it now. And quick cause I took my sleeping pill...

I found this darling little thing the other day and I just keep coming back to it. It's from Lil' Sprout Knits.

I have this strange urge to buy a whole elephant family. I just want to hold it. I've always like weird stuffed animals. I had a koala, a hippo, and a moose when I was little. Had to be different...I just have a thing for cute little outcast animals. The elephant is becoming more popular though. You know what cracks me up? Aardvarks. People are making a lot of aardvark toys lately. Is it weird that I know that?

My sister had the hiccups the other day and she said that her boyfriend always makes her do something like spell 'purple elephant' out loud and it always works. Something to try. You could do 'yellow aardvark' too. Just a thought.

Anyway, go check out the elephant store. You won't be disappointed. Do it whether you have kids or not. We were all kids once right? Who doesn't need a stuffed elephant to make life seem a little happier and easier. Answer: no one.

P.S. I always publish my post and then read it over to check for mistakes and stuff. I just realized that in my labels for the post I totally wrote 'crabs' instead of 'carbs'. That would have brought in an interesting audience...


  1. sounds like a yummy and interesting restaurant. cute animal too