Friday, May 29, 2009

apparently i write depressing emails

So I have Gmail. They always pick advertisements for your page based on what words are in your emails and stuff. For example, if I'm writing about tile, it shows me a bunch of ads for grout or tile junk. I don't pay much attention to them usually, but I was checking my email and this one caught my eye (maybe because it was the large banner ad at the top...):

Go Get HAPPIER! Go. There. Now. - Do You Really Want to be Miserable For Even One Second Longer?

I shit you not. Word for word.

I laughed until I had tears streaming down my face. I dunno what the hell I'm writing, but apparently Gmail thinks I'm teetering on the edge. That's freaking hysterical. I just thought I'd share the smile :)


  1. that is too funny Michelle. hhahaahaha

  2. OMG, it feels kind of like big brother watching! I love that you make me laugh, and now I'm going to pay attention to the banner in my gmail!!
    Nighty, night!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  3. LMAO Gmail cares a lot about you.

  4. That happened to me a couple weeks ago. My kitty was really sick and i was browsing the web for information and yahoo started bombarding me with ads for cat food even after I had stopped searching. As if i wasn't upset already!

  5. That is funny! I have Google Ads on my blog and I noticed a recurring theme of recipes a while back and realized that I talk about food- alot!

    It does make you notice the things you write about!