Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sexy sugar

So, funny story. I came up to bed to get on the computer and do the admin I've been neglecting. While I was looking for double Spoonful tonight I thought, "It won't take long to find some." So I took my sleeping pill. I'm seeing double and I'm writing goboldy gook. This could get interesting. Since I slacked last night and didn't do my Spoonful, I've got 2 tonight. If you could see me writing this you would be shitting your pants laughing. I can only have on eye opened or my vision doubles and I can't see anything. Not that it's turning out to be easy to type like this either...just excuse me my craziness aed grammatical errors.

I went with the sexy theme because I have been feeling anything but sexy lately. The whole "person-i-love-more-than-life-itself-has-left-me-high-and-dry" incident has all but decimated my self-esteem and confidence. Yay. So I need sexy stuff. Mom said I needed pretty earrings.

Anyway, my title is sexy sugar because I haven found things that make me feel sexy. The first one is the most beautiful pencil skirt! I love pencil skirts. There's just something so hot about them. I really want one, but I'm not sure where I'd wear it. But it is one of the sexiest pieces of clothing I've ever seen.

So I found 2 Spoonfuls for tonight. The first comes from a shop called Ureshii. It's a sexy little pencil skirt with some ruffling on the bottom to give it another dose of sexy :)
That is just hot. A rather classy way to strut your stuff! She also has other way cute clothes in her store, so check those out!

The next Spoonful is a pair of sexy earrings. I wear studs all the time so this is a big stretch for me, but according to my mom I don't "use the features of my face to their best abilities". Gofig. Thanks Momma. Anywho, the next Spoonful comes from Michele Clagett. This is my personal favorite, but she has tons of awesome jewelry on her site, so check it out!
Beautiful things to make you feel sexy and like a woman. Strut your stuff!!! Sleeping pill is winningggggggggggggggggggggggg...............................................


  1. I really like that skirt!! You should definitely get one.