Sunday, May 31, 2009

neti-pot is my hero

Well, I think that the Vineyard Spam Salad is by far the favorite. I'll make sure to list it first in my recipe book. Oh and thanks for the Hawaii tip, Angela :) Maybe I could do some kind of coconut-pineapple Spam thing...

I went to Wal-Mart tonight and I needed canned chicken, which happens to be right by the Spam. Holy cow there's all kinds. Spam turkey, Spam with Real Hormel Bacon. Gross. Funny Spam story...the guy I dated in college has an awesome family. Every year they did a camp-out/family reunion thing. One year we had a Spam theme. Everyone made different Spam recipes and we had a Spam carving contest. Then they made a giant slingshot using a tree and something stretchy and we shot Spam all over the place. It was hysterical. Good times.

I also got a Neti-Pot. For those of you who don't know what that is, see here. The video is quite entertaining, even if you already know what it is. I didn't do any of the exercises afterwards. I hope I don't die. Anyway, the thing cleans out your sinuses and nasal passages. I have had horrible sinus problems all my life, and I pretty much always have a stuffy nose. I had seen this on Oprah (gotta love Dr. Oz!) and I've wanted to try it ever since. It just doesn't come to mind when I'm doing my grocery list. I happened to be on the aisle that had Neti-Pots today (which happens to be the same aisle as the roach spray...odd) and I decided to take the plunge.

I was always scared that I wouldn't be able to just let water "flow gently", as they put it, through the inner workings of my nose. But I'm desperate, especially after being sick for the past week or so. So I got it. And I did it! At first it kinda felt like when you get water up your nose in the pool and it kinda stung and made my eyes water. But after you get the tilt of your head right, it just kinda flows through. It really doesn't feel like anything. I wanted to watch myself do it in the mirror, but when I looked up I choked on the water. Oops.

Anyway, it really, really worked! I'm not going to give you the gory details, but suffice it to say that it definitely cleaned out my sinuses and I can breathe for the first time in days! Oh Neti-Pot, how I love thee.

I was gonna do my Spoonful, but I have to go eat dinner now. Be back later!



  1. Mike loves his neti-pot, he tried it right after I had my "nose job" for lack of better terms, so I couldn't use it, but he does it about every month or so:)

  2. I saw that on Oprah too! It's good to hear that it actually works, I'll have to keep it in mind for the winter.

  3. I've been thinking about getting one of these for a couple years now. A lady that used to work with me said it really helped her out. I've had sinus problems as long as I can remember too. Maybe I'll remember to pick one up this week. (I never really think of it when I'm out at the store either.)