Sunday, May 3, 2009

spoonful of cuteness

I'm in a cute mood today. Cute things make me smile. My doggie is cute. Especially when she's shaking one of her stuffed toys around like a nutso. I read about this video in my People magazine. It's way cute. In fact, if it doesn't make you all warm and fuzzy inside, there's something wrong with you. Really; you should get checked out. Better safe than sorry, right? And I do have a degree in psychology. Trust me! (There's a scary thought...)

My niece is cute. Like the cutest kid ever. She's not really my niece...she's my BFF's baby. But she knows me as Aunt Chelle and short of being my own child, I couldn't possibly love her any more. Her name is Kaitlin Grace. I kind of picked the name. Probably not really, but it was a name I had picked for a baby girl. And of course me and Stace had talked about our baby names. Duh. Anyway, when she found out she was having a girl she asked if it was ok if she used that name. Like I'd say no.

We're trying to teach Miss K to say 'Aunt Chelle'. It's kind of a mouthful though. I might have to think of something else. However, she already points to me and giggles when someone says Aunt Chelle. That is the most heart-melting thing I have ever experienced. So I don't know if I want to undo that progress by confusing her with a new name. One little boy I used to babysit called me Mimi. He named his blanket Mimi. So stinking cute. But I might try Mimi with K. I don't want to scar her with multiple personalities though...I've clearly thought about this a lot. I was soooo glad I got to spend the day with K and Stace yesterday. I'm going to do that more often.

K's favorite words are 'no' and 'mine'. I do realize that these are every child's two favorite words at some point. But no, there isn't a child who has ever sounded more precious than when K says them. She was telling me 'mine' to something last night with her angry face on. So I grabbed her arm and said, "Mine!". She just looked at me all weird at first. I thought she was gonna get pissed. She doesn't like it when people argue with her. Then it was a big fun game. It was her bedtime though, and I got her all riled up. Oops! Sorry Stace!

Anyway, I so need to shower. Two and a half mile walks in Texas heat make that more necessary than usual. And believe you me, you don't want to tell my dog no when she's asking for her walk. No matter how hot it is...So, I have to shower. That means I have to get on with this Spoonful thing...

I got on a tangent about Miss K. She has a tendency to do that to me. But the theme here is cute. So, my Spoonful today is pinch-your-cheeks cute.

These owls are so, so, so precious! I fell in love the first time I saw them. They come from Snug N Luv. She sends you a DIY kit to make your own adorable stuffed owls. She's doing a contest on her blog to name the girl. The boy's name is Osgood. I kinda sorta picked that name. Another lady had chosen it and I seconded it. Hahaha. It was too perfect! She's still doing the contest to name the girl, so check out her blog at!


  1. Thanks buddy! The giveaway Wednesday is going to blow your mind. I can't wait!!!!

  2. Those are adorable stuffed friends. I am totally that way about my nieces too. I can very easily find myself on a long tangent in real life or on my blog when I start talking about them.