Monday, May 18, 2009

sugar on wheels (2010 Lexus SUV wheels...)

I'm so danged tired. I spent all day today at Stacy's. I went this morning to see Kaitlin's program at school. She was precious. Her age group was really too young to do the singing program part, but she was in the "Praise Parade" at the end. All the kids circled the audience and they flicked the lights on and off. And on and off. I think I had a seizure. But she was darling. Kinda looked like a deer in the headlights. They all kinda did, actually. It was hilarious. This one girl was singing a song called "I Want to be Like Jesus" and she was dropping it like it was hot. They had to bend over and touch their toes at a certain part of the time and she shimmied up and down. Mini-Britney. Hysterical.

And GUESS WHAT!!! Kaitlin said "Aunt Chelle" today!!! OMG I cried. It was the sweetest thing ever! I thought it might be too much of a mouthful, but she just up and said it today. I don't think my heart has been that happy in a long, long time. They have a puppy named Paisley and it's so funny when she says that too.

Whenever I go out to Stacy's I usually spend the day cause they live in the sticks. So when I go home it's generally pretty late. It was earlier than usual tonight, but maybe I should have stayed later. All the young 'uns were still out on the road when I left. Lord God I hope I never drove that badly. And who the F is giving 12-year-olds driver's licenses??? There was this car riding my ass on the two-lane and we got to a stoplight so I looked at him. Homeboy could barely see over the steering wheel of his 2010 Lexus SUV! Are you serious right now? I mean, I got my dream car when I turned 16, but my dream car was a 6-year-old Mustang. Pretty sure Dad paid cash for it. Also pretty sure he would have laughed in my face if I asked for anything resembling a Lexus. Who gives these children these cars and sets them loose?? And doesn't anyone have a curfew anymore? It's a school night for crying out loud. He might screw up his finger painting tomorrow cause he was out so late. I swear. Does no one else see the lunacy of it all?

I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't make for a very interesting blog post. I also have 23 minutes until midnight. At midnight (central time), I've missed my Spoonful for the day. We can't have that. No sir.

So this is going to be pretty quick. It doesn't mean I like the item any less, it just means that I'm going to lose my ever-loving mind here pretty soon. So, without further ado, my Spoonful of Sugar! It comes from Coal Creek Crossing. It's a really lovely cross to hang on your wall.

I was also too tired and crappy to save it to my computer to resize it. Sorry guys. I feel like a jerk, but sometimes jerk is just where you are in life. I'm that exhausted. It really is a beautiful and unique shop though. I picked it out a few days ago, so thought actually did go into this.

And stay tuned because I'm going to post some beautiful wall crosses in my shop soon...

And now I'm going to work on my petition to keep babies out from behind the wheel and then go to bed.


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  1. Ha ha, I see this all the time. Little backwards baseball caps peeking up just above the doorframe. Philippino gangstas? But what really amazes me is how many people who were tragically born with anencephaly have gone on to acquire drivers licenses and cars. Used to be a death sentence, being born with most of your brain missing and a big hole in your head, but modern medicine is a great thing.