Friday, May 1, 2009

overworked and underpaid and loving it

I'm so tired. I work all the time! Like literally from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep. I take breaks to eat (when I remember to...) and two walks for my dog (which she never lets me forget). I work on weekends, until midnight. It's exhausting. I have a very, very deep appreciation for moms who run their businesses and their households. Wow! Props to you. It takes an inordinate amount of strength and commitment to do that.

I'm working more than I ever did when I had a very demanding full-time job in property management. I was always showing houses, moving people in, doing quality control walks with construction supers in new homes, and a whole bunch of other things that I get tired just thinking about. Most days I had move-in appointments (paperwork, walk-thru's, etc.) every hour on the hour. Hustle, hustle, hustle. 

I had to make appointments with myself to do my paperwork and QC walk new homes. We got about 10 new homes delivered a week. QC walking involved putting your hands on everything in the house. You open all the cabinets, check the seams of the carpet, make sure the floor doesn't squeak, make sure the a/c unit is sealed, open and shut windows, and a million other things. All with about 18 guys following you around asking questions and ready to fix whatever you want. The power was very nice :)

Man, I loved that job. I loved working with people. Giving them something new and beautiful. Something I had scoured, perfected, and sometimes actually patched or painted myself. All in high heels, thank you very much. I miss people though. I miss meeting them, talking to them, and just being in their company. I miss working with them from the beginning of a home until the day they moved in. Maybe that's why I love creating so much. It keeps me busy, occupied. I get to get my hands dirty and know that it will make a difference to someone at some point.

It's so important to find something that will fulfill you. If your job doesn't, find it somewhere else. Do something that makes you truly happy. Whether it be creating a tile empire or baking cookies for your kiddos.  Everyone loses themselves at some point. It's just one of those things. Don't let it go on so long that you can't find yourself again.

I made my first sale yesterday. What a rush! It's addicting. I want that again and again and again! So now I'm working even harder. It's like crack. You need more and more every time to get the high. God help me because there's already not enough hours in the day. 

I'm rubbing off on my mom. She's having my dad take down their full length bathroom mirror (HUGE!) so I can do a tile frame around the edge. It'll be my biggest undertaking yet, and I'm really pumped. It'll be such an incredible accomplishment.

I'm not really excited about this post. It's kinda eh. It sounds as tired as I am. Hahaha. I want to say I'm getting off the computer and going to bed, but I now have to get my Kaboodle fix. It's my new drug of choice. Thanks a whole, whole lot Keirsten.

Give me something to write about folks! Leave comments or shoot me an email. Ask questions, tell me how crappy I am so I can argue with you, something! Get me all worked up. I do the best when I'm all worked up :)

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  1. CONGRATS on your sale!!!! I just got my first sale yesterday too! Was it on Etsy or Artfire? Mine was on Etsy. Be sure to post pictures of the mirror when it's done!

    I will try and think of a controversial or provocative topic for you.