Saturday, May 9, 2009

you are my candy girl

So I was browsing Etsy for my Spoonful tonight, and the front page had wedding themed items on it. Gag me with a spoon. I'm so bitter. I just keep thinking things like, "Don't waste your money" and "He's a lying butthead". There was this thing that said "I'll love you forever" and I actually snorted out loud. Yeah friggin' right. Lies, all of it.

Bitter much? Only when other people are happy. I'm kidding. I am bitter though. I was at Michael's today getting stuff for my new serving trays, and they have this little DIY wedding section. Christ almighty...apparently it was "rub the divorce in Michelle's face" day. There were like 812 (I like that number for some reason) people in the aisle. All chattering and giggling. I had the almost uncontrollable urge to run down the aisle screaming, "DON'T DO IT!" and tip all their carts over. It's been an interesting day. The fact that I'm pretty sure he left for deployment and didn't call first doesn't help matters...Twist the knife, dude; twist the knife.

Anyway, I really didn't get on to write a bitter things-do-not-end-happily-ever-after post. Etsy made me do it with their sappy wedding crap.

I was reading this blog earlier today and the girl was talking about how she was going to do a shop of the week because "she blogs a lot". Holy crap. I do a shop of the day. The addiction is spiraling out of control. AND NOW, sweet Beth has offered me a discount on the sushi set. I want it so bad it makes my teeth hurt. Buying stuff makes me feel better. I know it's unhealthy. I took all the classes in college. Too bad knowing better usually doesn't mean doing better.

I got my tank tops from Aeropostale a few days ago. I ordered one of every color. Actually, two of some colors...FIRST of all, they were like 30% off. SECOND, I wear a tank top, sports bra, and yoga pants everyday. Because I am lazier than sin. So, you see; I needed those tank tops. I couldn't do laundry fast enough to keep up with my tank top habit before! Now I need more sports bras...

You know what I really want to do? I want to make a treasury on Etsy. But seriously...they have a limit. I don't have the patience to sit around and wait for someone else's to expire so I can pounce on the spot like a rabid tiger. Can tigers be rabid? I really think that would be fun though. Too bad they make it so danged hard.

I keep flipping back and forth between here and Etsy. I'm still Spoonful shopping. Could someone please take the wedding crap down? Seriously. And holy mother of God, can anyone afford $250 earrings?? And if you can, will you adopt me?

Well, I've found my Spoonful. It's from Pure Innovation. It's so me. This is pretty much a representation of all the items I own.
I can't believe this is hand painted! I can't imagine being able to do that. There are a lot of other beautiful things in the shop. Another favorite of mine was the Custom Block Letters. Check those out too.

I have to go stain some more things now. I got smart and bought those cheapo sponge brushes so that I can just trash them after I stain. Not more goopy, oily, sticky, nasty stain to try to clean out of my beautiful paintbrushes!

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  1. Yes, those little sponges are perfect for staining! You're as smart as me. I use them for eye shadow too (I have REALLY BIG eyes). I used to rant and rave and wave the Sundance catalog all around when I would see a bracelet made from a leather shoelace and one ugly pearl and they wanted $198 for it. It inspired me to make nice jewelry for regular money. I agree. If I'm going to buy earrings for $250, they better be made out of 245 one-dollar bills. Just kidding about the eye shadow.