Friday, May 1, 2009


Good gosh how I hate taking pictures and listing things on my shops. Ugh. It's such a PROCESS! I got two things photographed and listed today though, so head to Etsy and check out my newness!

And now my Spoonful for today...I fell in love with this shop awhile back. I was browsing through my favorites today and I rediscovered it. It's a sweater case for laptops. It's so stinking cute! Your laptop can wear a sweater. I absolutely adore the fabric on the inside too, and make sure to look at the button. So cool. I love it when the details are taken care of!

I really liked the terracotta one too, but the pattern inside of this one swayed me. Check out Multidimensionality on Etsy!


  1. Those are great laptop sweaters.

  2. Great Blog , I am going to follow you :)