Friday, May 15, 2009

i hope it's not contagious

I have a sickness. It came on suddenly. I am addicted to earrings. Thanks a lot, Mom. Maybe I'm making up for all the years I just wore plain studs in my many ear holes. I now have an insane fascination with dangle earrings. Which means I'm also going to have to find studs to match all my dangle earrings. Because I cannot wear my diamond (ok, CZ) earrings with everything. Six holes to fill. Not a lot of dollars to do it with. My oh my.

I've pulled up about 15 pairs on Etsy. All of which I really, really want to buy. Do you think earrings are a good enough reason for a bank loan? This is not good. This is so not good.

I've also decided I have to make myself an earring holder. We don't want all my pretties getting tangled and mangled, now do we? I've been thinking about making some for my shop, but I'm going to test run it on myself. It's going to be a picture frame thing with mesh in the middle. It kinda looks like window screening. Then you can stick your earrings through the mesh and have them all on a stylish, beautiful, unique tiled frame. I feel like I should have a some kind of catchy jingle to go with that sentence.

I'm seriously leaving my blog page to go search for more earrings. I need an intervention. Holy crap. I'm twitching. I have to go buy some earrings and then have them rush delivered because my earlobes cannot be deprived another day. I told you I was sick.


  1. your earring display sounds like a great idea. such a thing would be VERY cool for displaying MY earrings at an art show...

  2. why yes it would. i'm so glad you noticed :)