Wednesday, May 27, 2009

best friend since 1st grade sugar

So I got my swimsuits in the mail today. My God they're gorgeous. Especially this white one I got...In fact, I think I'll just show you :) They were on sale for $10 apiece, so I was incredibly proud of myself. Here they are:

Cuteness #1

So, good news is they actually fit! Hallelujah for that. Bad news is, I need to run a whole lot more before Corpus. Now I have really cute motivation though!

So Corpus and swimsuits make me think of the 4th of July. And I remembered something that my very best friend Stacy has in her shop that I adore! So it's my Spoonful for tonight. I've seen it in person folks, and it's darling. It's from Stacy's Stitches.

She has a whole lot of cute stuff in the works. She's awesome at custom orders! She's been getting a lot from Alchemy lately. Also, go to her blog and see the absolutely beautiful dress she made for a little girl's birthday! I wanted one...I hope she puts something like that in her store. It's perfect for summer! Love you Tace!


P.S. This is the woman who saved my shorts. If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.

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