Saturday, May 9, 2009

today is a shopping day!!!!

I love shopping days :) Especially when I know I'm going to make money on what I buy! My cousin wants me to do a custom piece for her. She wants a hook rack for the wall of her boy's bedroom. I guess backpacks and jackets always end up on the floor. I'm really excited. I love custom pieces! It's gonna be so cute. I'm gonna find some blue, red, and yellow tiles. The theme of their room is space and astronauts and stuff. I'm going to have a few tiles made that have stars, planets, and spaceships on them so I can scatter them throughout the piece.

I'm going to skip merrily through the stores. Too bad I can't buy everything I want at one place though. There's going to be at least 3 stores on my agenda today. Maybe more if I can't find exactly what I want at one of my "go-to" places. I have a tendency to stand in the aisles staring at things for a long time too. I might not be home til midnight...

One of my very best friends also wants me to make a tray for her. She likes the brown one I already sold, so I need to get stuff for her tray too. My credit card is gonna be smoking by the end of the day :)

Funny story...I'm in limbo at the moment. Since I'm getting a divorce, I'm living with my parents till September when I move in with Tammy in NC. I can't go before then cause she's still in a lease. So, anyway, I have my craft table upstairs in the game room. That's what I call it. It's what it was when we were little. Now it's the treadmill/old TV/telescope (don't ask...)/my craft table room. It's at the top of the stairs and there aren't any walls on the stair side. So basically every time you come up the stairs, you can see into the room through the railing. Not sure if that made sense.

Back to my funny story. I get off track a lot. All the bedrooms are upstairs in my parent's house, so you walk by that room everyday. I have all my finished stuff set up and I always see Mom stopping in there all the time to look at stuff. She doesn't work on Fridays, so yesterday I got back from walking Jers and she was in the kitchen. She yells at me as soon as the door opens, "Michelle! Come in here and tell me what you think!" She's always moving stuff or painting something, and we have relatives coming so that's been increased exponentially. So I figured she just did that again. So I go in the kitchen and she's got two things from my table set up on the counter. She was like, "I'm just going to buy these!" When Dad got home he said, "Why didn't you just take them? They already sit up there." He's got jokes. Oh, Dad.

So she's got this candle holder and a mirror that I've made. They actually look really good. She's draped like this fake vine thing around the mirror. I dunno where she gets this stuff. So I told her it looked good. Then she whips out this 4"x4" ceramic tile that I had in my stash and she goes, "And can you put this in the middle of the mirror so it's more decorative than mirror-ish." The woman cracks me up. Having that craft table there is my best advertising ploy ever! And I didn't even mean to :)

Well, I was passing the time while my hair dried a little. If I try to dry it right away, it takes like an hour. So I have to let it air dry for a bit before I take the hair dryer to it. Not that anyone really cares about that. But I've got shopping to do!

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  1. glad my mom is not the only one who takes my things to claim as her own...only cuz she's so proud of me :)
    anyway, you do crack me up. you left a comment on my post yesterday, and I just wanted to get back to you ~ seeing that you'll be in NC and all. Duck is a smll community on the Outerbanks of NC ~ (i'm having a moment of deja vu - so if i've already told you this i'm sorry) SO if were you and tammy live is close ~ you should definitely go!