Thursday, May 28, 2009

i don't want to be tacky

I have a few projects that didn't turn out quite like I wanted. On one shelf (that would have been danged pretty!) I used a grout sponge that this guy at Lowes recommended. Last time I do that. It scratched the tile all to hell. Thing is, you can't tell unless you look close and since it's a shelf you'd sit stuff on it anyway. One is a wall hanging that I used mosaic tile instead of floor tile for. It looks cute, but it's not what I would normally do. Anyway, I've noticed that some people have "scratch and dent" sections on their Etsy pages. I was thinking about doing that and just marking the stuff way down. I'd call it something cute like "Live and Learn" or "Trial and Error". But I was just wondering if that would be tacky or not. I tend to think it would be ok, but I wanted to get every one's opinion. So, should I do it or not???

Also, is a 3rd tattoo tacky? The one's I have are really small and they have meaning. I think they're classy and I always get them somewhere that I can cover up if need be. I have a heart thingy on the lower right side of my back and a tribal cross on my ankle. The new one I want to get is a symbol that means "begin anew". It's really beautiful and unique. I have three possible locations for it; on my side, like on my ribs kinda under my arm, on the back of my neck, and under my ear. Here's pictures of my current and possible tattoos. I know the pants line going through the middle of my heart is cute. Sorry. These were cell phone pics, so they're not fabulous.

So what do we think? Tacky or no? Speak up, people! I'm going to bed now. Hope everyone has a fantastic night!



  1. You have really nice tattoos!! I'm to much of a wuss to get one, just not into pain. Keep telling my kids that giving birth to them is as much pain as one woman needs.
    The one you are thinking of getting is nice too!. Not sure about on the back of your neck or under your ear. What about on the back of a shoulder?

  2. Cute tattoos! I love the 2rd symbol. I personally do like the behind neck ones :) Also the shoulder is always a good choice!

  3. Good Morning Michelle!!
    I have 5 tattoo's, & I don't own a Harley & I haven't been in jail! All of mine have a special meaning and are placed carefully. I like the one you are contemplating, but not to sure on the ear option. Under your hair on the back of your neck or upper middle back would be cool, or the side on your ribs would work.
    Just my two cents!!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  4. That IS really pretty, and perfect meaning. I kind of like the below-the-ear or back-of-the-neck options. I've always loved the back of the neck tattoos, I just think it's cool when a woman pulls her hair back, and Look! A tattoo! I saw a girl with Chinese characters there once and I thought it was very Lara Croft (but not Angelina Jolie). Go for it!

  5. The grout sponge should not have scratched your tile. Were you cleaning the grout or putting the grout in the joints with it?

  6. That's totally what I thought! I was using it to clean the grout. It had 2 sides, and the one for putting the grout in working fine. The cleaning side clearly sucked big time. I was so irritated. Not much I can do about it now though.

  7. I like it!! What was the meaning of the other two?? I want to be noisy:)! Love you!

  8. Very cute tattoos. I think they're very simple and, like you said, classy. I think another small one would be great, especially because I LOVE the meaning.

    As for the scratch and dent section, I think it's a brilliant idea! And I love the cute little names you came up with for it too.