Thursday, May 14, 2009

charming sweetness

Look at how cool I am. I'm doing my Spoonful before 11pm. Glad I got up this morning :)

The house is all empty again. *sigh* It was nice having my family here. I got really, really lucky in the family department. Immediate and extended. Feeling that much love and support from that many people is awesome. Just one more thing I have to be grateful for.

This has to be kinda quick cause the dog wants to chase squirrels outside. I've kind of bombarded you with posts lately, so I'll make this one short and sweet (like sugar...I'm so witty).

I'm not usually a charm bracelet person. It's too much. It overwhelms my freakishly small wrists. But these might change my mind. They come from Poet Summer. I picked a cool one for the picture, but they're all so unique...

It's a Starbucks bracelet! I'm not a huge Starbucks fan, but I loved the colors. Check out all the other stuff in the shop! There's TONS to look through!

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