Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i'm feeling random

I don't know why. Maybe because I'm sitting here waiting to leave for my hair appointment. I have time to think. That is dangerous. I've kind of come to the decision that if my husband doesn't want me, then screw him. I think I've turned some kind of major corner in the battle. I'm still afraid if I think too hard it'll hurt like hell. Let's just see how graceful I am next time I'm PMSing. That'll be the true test.

I apologize for my post from last night. I went back and fixed a bunch of it this morning. There is a reason I don't let myself get on the Internet after I've taken my sleeping pill. God knows what's out there in cyberspace now that I can't remember doing. I'm sure in about 8 years when I'm trying to find a job or get a home loan, it'll pop up. "Excuse me ma'am, but we found THIS on the Internet. I'm sorry to say that we cannot hire you/give you credit/speak your name/allow you to take your baby home from the hospital." My oh my. I can't think of anything too incriminating on my computer already, but God knows I could have created something and I would never know it. I guess if people start crossing to the other side of the street when I walk by, I can take that as a hint.

I bought some advertising on Facebook. We'll see how that goes. Things are slowing down a bit at the shop. I've heard it kinda drops off after Mother's Day though. I did go to a local store and I showed her some of my stuff and she might let me sell in her store. That would be good. Although with Gma Ruby and Aunt Linda here, there really is no need for advertising. I have a list for both of them. Gotta love the family.

My friend introduced me to a new favorite curse word combo yesterday. It's so fun to say! It's the bitterness, sarcasm, anger, rage, and disgust tripled! I'm not going to write it here though. I am a lady. Here are the initials: SFH. Have fun guessing. Once you do it will just roll off your tongue :) I think everyone can figure out the middle letter...Bad, bad, bad I know. But sometimes gosh darn just doesn't cover it.

Ok hair time. I am so excited! Do all women get this excited about having their hair done? Probably not, but it's not like I have a whole heck of a lot else to do lately. Plus the girl who does my hair rocks. Her husband left her like 10 months ago and we man bash the whole time. It's nice to have someone who knows just what it feels like. And she cracks me up. Good times.


  1. Your post totally cracked me up. I have been trying to figure out the last letter, but your right it was fun coming up with possibilities.

  2. Grrr I can't figure it out! LOL! I bet your hair looks gorgeous :)