Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sweet kisses

Have I mentioned how much I love all of your comments and emails? I so appreciate everyone who reads and leaves me little notes. I try really hard to get around to every one's blog and post comments. I just wanted everyone to know that you guys are the best!!

Tonight's Spoonful is for your lips. I am obsessed with Burt's Bees lip balm. However, I'm finding that in the midst of my sassy earring phase, I'm wanting some color on my lips. I don't do gloss (too sticky) and I don't do lipstick (too much color). I think I look weird when the tint is too strong. I have so many "tried and failed" tinted lip balms that it's not even funny. I'm to the point where I'm scared to waste my money anymore. But today I searched, out of curiosity (which killed the cat, BTW) on Etsy. I found a lot, but after much deliberation (because we all know how much I like to shop), I chose this 3-pack from Laughing Leaf Farm.

The colors look perfect, plus you get 3 for a very good price! That way if one doesn't work, I have two more chances! This could restore my faith in tinted lip balm :) And it's on sale. It would have to be on sale. I LOVE sales. I haven't bought anything yet, so I don't want to ruin it. But this is a good price. And I need it. Ok well, maybe I don't exactly need it. But still. If want gets bad enough it turns into need, right? No? Ok. Does anyone want a handmade personal shopper? Cause I would so find you exactly what you need. I'd get my shopping fix and you wouldn't have to sort through the millions of products out there. Wouldn't that be fantastic???

The buying willpower is wavering. If I get the lip balm, I'll have to get the bath bombs. Because seriously, who puts $6 on their credit card? I'd need something else to even make it worth it. Right? No again? *sigh*



  1. The best lip balm (untinted I think) that I've found on etsy is from Bubble Tub. The best soap is from either Bovine Bubbles or Muddy Moose (I've tried about 8 soap shops so far). I love trying soap samples. Oh - bought a soap sample pack from Burnt Mills, 10 different samples, all really really nice. Hubby thinks I'm addicted to lip balm and soap. Could be worse things to be addicted to I figure.

  2. When you find your personal shopper client, please let me know if they have any friends who are in need too :)

  3. Shopping addicts hang out with other shopping addicts. That way they don't get crap about their addiction. Enabling and such. I'm sure once I find one, I can find many more to share the love!

  4. Love your blog! Honest, at times funny, at times sad you are brave to share what is happening in your life! Let me know how the lip balm works! And I love the crosses!
    ~Michele from By Your Side