Friday, May 8, 2009

sugar & sushi

Ok. I really, really hate sushi. There's just something about raw fish that seems...wrong. Call me crazy. I remember my first sushi experience. I was a sophomore in college. I was taking polysci. We had all written papers on things. Like long papers. I wrote a 12 page paper on prison. Yes. Prison. It was super interesting. I love watching shows where they go in prisons and talk to all the scary people. Makes my day.

Focusing...polysci. Stupid papers. We had to do presentations on our stupid papers. I don't remember what mine was. I'm not sure if this is because I have repressed the memory or what...Anyway, this exchange student from Japan was in my class. I don't remember what his paper was about either. Clearly Japan since he had sushi. I'm getting ahead of myself. His presentation was to make sushi in the class. It was sooooo cool to watch. He rolled everything up and cut them all nice. I just kept thinking, "I could never make them that pretty. I'm almost positive I would get rice in my eye or something."

Hahaha. Rice in my eye. Has anyone ever heard that rice makes birds explode and that's why you can't throw it at weddings anymore? Something about eating the dry rice and then drinking water. Apparently it expands when it gets wet and gets too big for the bird's stomach. Then it explodes. Now, I'm not a fan of any living creature exploding...but I sure do hate birds. That could be like an urban legend. I'm certainly not going to be the one to test it out. When I was planning my wedding, I started having nightmares about getting rice in my eye. It hurt like heck. I thought that was strange. The sushi just reminded me of my bad rice dreams.

So, guy from Japan made sushi. It was so pretty! The seaweed or kelp (or whatever weed they wrap on the outside) was such a pretty green. I think there was tuna in the middle. So pink and shiny. It was just cool to look at. So I tried it. Wow. You know those moments when you're trying really, really hard to to be polite because someone has obviously gone to great trouble to make what you're eating, but you're really just trying to keep yourself from throwing up? Multiply that by 812. Annnnnnnd hello Michelle in polysci. It was the worst thing ever. I knew my instincts about eating raw fish were spot on. Just goes to show - always trust your instincts.

I'm sure by this point everyone is bored and wondering why the hell I'm talking about sushi. And why I combined sugar and sushi in my title. Well (and this is really clever; you're going to be impressed), my Spoonful of Sugar tonight is a sushi set. Yeah. I know. I rock.

I met this lovely seller on the Etsy forums earlier tonight. It was love at first "site" (holy crap, I'm on tonight with the puns!). Anyway, you can't possibly go to this shop and not fall in love with something. It's just things you can stare at forever. And I would love to stare at this sushi set forever. It comes from BPR Designs.

I just love it. It kind of looks like candy. That could be why I like it so much. It's actually a very real possibility. Perhaps I will serve brownies on my sushi set...Mmmm, brownies.

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  1. Too funny, Michelle! A great story -- even if it involves you getting a little queasy! Thanks for the promo -- your blog is great...