Friday, May 29, 2009

it's gonna take more than sugar... cure what ails me. I feel like crap. Again. I've been downing cold and cough medicine like my life depends on it. Which I'm pretty sure it does, at this point. Pretty sure I have strep throat. I've been in denial. When I was still in school, I got it about twice a year. Since then (about 8 years) I've gotten it about 5 times. I'm going to have to admit defeat and go to the doctor. Clearly this is going to take antibiotics. *groan* Antibiotics make me sick. I'd rather just die and get it over with. I can't sleep because of the swollen burning of my throat (yay!) so I'm hopped up on My-Quil and posting my Spoonful.

Nothing sounds better than a really good soak in some really hot bath water. Filled with something designed to make me feel better. So I found me something. Now if only I could have it now. Right now. It comes from Raw Beauty. It's called "Get Well Bath Tea".

There's a whole bunch of other really cool stuff in this shop. Including something called "Sex Kitten Bath Tea". Hello...not that I'm having sex. Probably another part of my problem. Anyway, not even sex sounds better than a nice long soak in this bath tea. Soothing for my achy muscles and my sore throat, cough, and sniffles. Plus it comes in the absolute cutest jar ever! I love jars like that.

I'm going to lay down before I fall down. Night all.



  1. Hi!
    I hope you start feeling better soon.

    Thanks for the sweet comment you left about my collage. I was looking around in your shop today...apparently you have inspired me because I am working on a collage that looks like a bunch of tiny tiles. I was like WTF am I doing? Then, I remembered my trip to your shop this morning and I was like...oh, it's called inspiration! I will be sure to show (if I ever finish this tedious thing!)

  2. This sounds so nice and need to get some of these. This is my favorite item!