Tuesday, May 5, 2009

lips like sugar, sugar kisses

Bonus points if you can tell me what song my title is from. Although, I'm not sure how you can get bonus points if you're not getting regular points...Oh well. It sounds good.

My Spoonful today is something that I bought last night and am anxiously waiting the completion and arrival of. Ok, so I bought 3 of them. It's the most gorgeous wire wrapped ring! I decided I needed something to replace my wedding rings cause my finger looked and felt naked and conspicuous. So I went on a ring hunt. It went on for days. It was grueling. I have teeny tiny hands and skinny fingers (size 5), so anything too big looks really bad on me. Like I'm a kid playing dress-up. I only wear silver. I don't ever change my jewelry, so it had to be something I could wear with everything. Overall, I'm just super picky. And really people, I wore a sizable diamond for the last 4 years. Whatever replaces it needs to have pizazz.

Anyway, I bought this ring in the color in the pic, pink/brown, and all silver. She was tons of fun to work with. She even pretended I was funny! Talk about bonus points :) It took a matter of an hour writing back and forth to figure out the colors I wanted and have her post the listing for me. Super quick. And I can afford to buy 3 because she asks such reasonable prices for her stuff!

You can see the rest of her gorgeous shop at Holmes Craft. She has such a great selection.

And now I really must get in the shower and hit the road. It's not a long drive to A&M, but it's still a drive.

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