Tuesday, May 26, 2009

make you believe, make you forget

I love it when there's a mail holiday and it gets backed up so you get a bunch of things on one day!! I got 3 packages today. Earrings, earrings, and earrings!! My obsession has arrived. They're darling. I went out and a ledge (ok, for me) and wore a pair with my gray v-neck t-shirt today. Normally I would deem that too 'casual' for dangle earrings. I'm clearly getting daring in this new stage of life.

Anyway, I adore them. I'm making Stacy get drinks and maybe do some dancing with me this week so I can wear more! Perhaps the earrings will be the kick start of my new singleness. I'm actually able to say 'single' without tearing up. Go me.

My dog just dropped her slobbery baby onto my keyboard. Guess someone wants to play. It's a beaver that my sister got her the other day. She's chewed all it's feet and one ear off. She sleeps with it at night. Apparently I'm going to have to start going the 'woodland creatures' route on her stuffed toys. I think I'm going to get a squirrel next time and sit it on the stump of this tree in our yard. Maybe she'll think she got one for real. And she just hit me in the face with it. Nasty. She doesn't like being ignored. She's barking at me now. Attention whore. She's so stinking cute.

I went to all the network websites today so I could see what kind of shows they have lined up for the summer. My DVR is getting dismally bare. I've made a list of potential new favorites. Yes, I'm that bad. If there's someone who hasn't watched "In Plain Sight" on USA, check it out. It's one of the best shows ever!

According to the UPS tracking website, my new swimsuits should be here tomorrow. Then I can promptly start getting rid of my tank top and shorts tan. Thank the good Lord. It's getting ridiculous.

I also thought I'd post some doggie pictures. Cause I love my baby! There's a bunch of her being a princess on the bed, couch, and chair. Then the one to the right is her riding in the car with me and falling asleep in the front seat sitting up. Then, of course, when she was a puppy! I can't believe she was ever that tiny!

I don't think this post has a point. I'm just in a happy mood today and felt like writing. Be back later for the Spoonful!



  1. Such a pretty dog!

    And YAY at 3 packages in one day! I got 2 checks I was waiting for in the mail today, so it was fun!

  2. Is the third pic from NC or now?? I love the furniture, very precious!! Love you!!!!

  3. They're all from NC. That was the furniture we bought right before he went to Iraq last time. I get to keep it :)

  4. Your dog is a cutie!! Glad to hear you are in a good mood today. It's amazing what a new pair (or three) of earrings can do!

  5. You are a beautiful girl! You and your earrings will be turning heads when you go out for drinks. Have fun! You are young and this is the time of your life!

  6. Aw, I'm so glad you're in better spirits this week. You know, I attribute a lot of that to your pup. Dogs get lots of credit in my little world. She's so cute! I bet she's a sweetie... Keep smiling. :)