Wednesday, May 20, 2009

avoiding life, one sugar covered post at a time...

I feel like crap today. My nose is runny & stuffy. My eyes itch. I have the worst sinus headache ever in the whole wide world. Everytime I so much as raise my arm I feel like I'm going to pass out. And still I have work to do. Ugh. Just so everyone knows, the scent of stain severely aggravates a cold. I still got stuff done today, but then I took a soaky bath with a eucalyptus bath bomb. Now I'm sitting in bed in my PJ's watching TV and shopping online.

I painted my toes today. It's kind of a pinky-orange color. I call it "Hooker Orange". I also have "Hooker Red" and "Hooker Pink". Do we see a rather disturbing pattern? Not that I think anyone would ever name their nail polish hooker-anything. I probably would though. It would make me laugh and I'd buy it just because it said hooker in the name. Maybe I should start naming the stuff in my shop hooker-something. That might generate some business...

I like it when people heart me on Etsy. It makes me smile. I make sure to always check out the shops of people who heart me, and my Spoonful of Sugar for today comes from someone who just hearted me this afternoon. It's a pretty little treasure chest from Sister Butterfly.

There are tons of beautiful treasure chests to look at! Plus having a treasure chest would just be cool. It would be like being a kid again when every rock you found was a treasure. Unfortunately, my taste in "treasure" has gotten a bit more expensive since then, but shouldn't beautiful things have a beautiful home?

Just so everyone knows, I try to contact everyone I feature in my blog. I'd so want to know if I got featured somewhere. Even on a dinky blog like mine :) But sometimes I forget to do it! So I'm sorry if you've been featured and never got a message.

I'm off to wallow in my misery. If I spend money today, I'm going to blame it on the anti-histamines.

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  1. I sure hope you feel better. A sinus infection can really get you down. Online shopping does help the problem a bit. Have fun shopping!