Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ok, i give

I seem to be frustrating people :) I'm not going to say the awful curse word phrase all together. So, maybe if I put some sentences in between it won't feel as bad. We all know what the middle word is. And if we don't, we shouldn't be cursing anyway. So, that's that.

I got my hair done! I looooove it! I'm blonde again (yay!) and I got that haircut where it's longer in the front and shorter in the back. Now I just need my pencil skirt and sexy earrings and I'll be all set. For what, I'm not sure. But I'll be set. I'm trying to take pics to text to my sister, but I always hate how they look. I'm making a funny face or my nose looks super duper crooked. Stupidness, I know. Maybe I'll photoshop them and then put them on here :) Just so you know, I look an awful lot like Charlize Theron, so don't be surprised if you can't tell us apart when you see the pic...Not that I would EVER photoshop someone else's face on mine.

And now, the first word is shit. So we've got the first two. The last one is the trickiest I think. Perhaps I will reveal that later...

So here are the hair pics. For those of you who don't know me, my hair was brown and down to my shoulders. So this is quite a change. Man my nose is crooked. I don't even have a cool broken nose story. I just came like that. I did get hit in the head with a beer bottle though. That's kind of a cool story. I couldn't get a good picture of the side. It's my cell phone people. I did the best I could. I also can't figure out how to get my pics side by side. That's really bugging me.

So anyway, that's the hair. It smells like yummy hair products now. I don't want to wash it out! I'm going out to dinner with the family tonight, so I'll get to show it off.

In other news, my Facebook ad has already reached it's spending limit for the day. Not that I have a really high limit, mind you. I just didn't think it would go so fast. Hopefully it will generate some traffic. I tried StumbleUpon, but it made me mad cause people could rate your site and I don't like it when people give me thumbs down. No one rates it unless they hate it. Stupid. At least Facebook doesn't tell me when I suck. They're PC like that.

Last word is hell. There. Now it's done. You know my dirty little secret cuss word phrase. Try it out though. Twenty bucks says it'll make you feel better. It's what I yell when I stub my toe or something. Great painkiller.

I should really probably go now because I'm just rambling on and on and I doubt I'm being at all interesting. I held on to everyone till the end though by stretching out the cuss word phrase reveal. Not like you all didn't scroll down to those paragraphs and ignore the rest. But a girl can dream. Tune in later for the daily Spoonful of Sugar.

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  1. I knew what SFH was all along. I'm a seasoned cusser. Been doing it since I was 4. Dad taught me. But "hell" is kind of weak...They say it on TV. My favorite one is GDMF-ingSOB. Works for anything/anyone, any situation. Usually have to say it three times. Or GDMF-ingPOS. Or SOS. Like if your car breaks down or your hair dryer quits.
    P.S. Love the cheekbones. Those new?