Friday, May 29, 2009

sugar shots

Wow. I'm impressed with myself. I'm posting my Spoonful before dark!! It's because I'm sick and I don't feel like grouting. So I'm just sitting in bed with my computer watching TV. I really do need to get some grouting done today though. I think I'm just gonna have to take some more Tylenol and suck it up. I wish I could grout in bed...

I'm going to explain my title because I'm pretty sure it might only make sense in my anti-histamine soaked brain. I was thinking about sugar and wrists (cause it's a bracelet) and I kept thinking about tequila shots. You know, where you lick your wrist and sprinkle salt on it? I kept thinking about doing that with sugar. Hence the name 'sugar shots'.

My Spoonful today comes from Lune Designs. Not only is she an incredibly talented jewelry designer, but she's a very good friend. She's a great source of support and always good for a laugh-until-you-cry comment. She made this bracelet the other day and it was love at first sight. She used real live hardware to make it! I'm impressed. Check out her blog too! You won't be sorry you did :)

This just screams, "Buy me Michelle!" I look longingly at it everyday. I need to decide when my buying fast is going to end. Probably when Michelle gets a job or starts selling stuff...Feel free to browse my shop, people :)

Well, I'm going to make an attempt to get something useful done today. Or I might curl up and die. It's a toss up.



  1. Thanks Michelle!! I finally made it to the Spoonful!! (I've been waiting, I was thinking I would have to start making soap. I made more earrings but someone bought them). And with a tequila association. Right on! Hope it's not just 'cause you're sick/high. I hope you still like my bracelet when the TheraFlu wears off. And I'm glad I could make you laugh! Sometimes, that IS the best medicine. (You should curl up and SLEEP, you're sick!).

  2. I was pretty sure you'd appreciate the alcohol reference. I first saw your bracelet sans TheraFlu (which is nasty, BTW. I take Ny-Quil), so I'm sure I'll still like it in the aftermath.