Friday, May 22, 2009

sweet soaking

I worked my rear off today. I got a whole lot done though. I had a big group of things in the garage that I was staining and they all dried today. That meant lots of sticking tile onto things this afternoon. And that means lots of grouting tomorrow. I got some custom items finished and posted too. And I posted two new regular items to my shop. I should be having a flood of new items soon. Then I need to sit back and be patient. I need to stop spending money I'm not making :)

I'm so gross. I haven't showered today. I don't want to yet cause I still have to take Jers for her evening walk. I'll just be drenched in sweat all over again. Then I'd have to shower again. And showering twice in the space of an hour is not something Michelle does.

So in the spirit of being clean and relaxed, my Spoonful today is a little bit of bath heaven. I recently got these salts scented with Plumeria. They smell soooooo good! Does anyone remember when Bath & Body Works first opened and like their only scent was Plumeria and two others? Anyway, when I got those salts, it reminded me how much I liked that scent. So I searched for Plumeria scented things on Etsy. This was by far and large my favorite. It comes from Marmalade Hills.

First of all, I love bath bombs. They're my favorite bath things ever. Well that and bath salts, but they're kind of the same thing. I do like how bath bombs fizz though. That's fun. I need to focus. These are silky cream bath bombs. That just sounds completely decadent. It's got coconut milk and real silk fibers and a bunch of other things I know nothing about. But man do they sound good. This will be my treat to myself for the next sale I make.

Someone please go buy something now!! :)


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