Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lovin' spoonful

It's been a busy few days! Drove up to A&M to see the vet. My Jersey girl got a clean bill of health! No more movement or exercise restrictions. He said I can turn her loose :) That's the first good news I've gotten with her since she broke her femur in October. She had 2 surgeries at her normal vet (in NC where we used to live) and both times the rod or plate failed. The 2nd time it failed, I was already headed to Texas so I took her up to Texas A&M to their veterinary teaching hospital to see an orthopedic specialist. It's the best of the best! They fixed it right and despite the problems that come with a 3rd bone repair (loss of blood supply, stunted bone healing, etc.), they pulled her through.

For the longest time it wasn't healing it all. The doc was worried about bone degeneration if it didn't start making progress. He also thought she might have a torn ACL. So I was expecting at least one more surgery to jump start the bone and maybe a knee surgery for her ACL. Expensive? Yes. Would I sell everything I own to get her what she needs? Oh yeah. That's just how I am. But I don't have to sell anything cause today we had her x-rays (7 months out) and we finally saw some progress on the x-rays! He said it will take time, but she'll heal on her own. He also said her ACL seems to be ok, but I should watch it because she has fluid on her knee. But she gets to be NORMAL again! It was impossible to hold her back. She's so active. When I was working in NC, she went to doggie daycare 3 times a week and played with other doggies all day. On the weekends and the days she didn't have daycare, I always took her for a 30-45 minute bike ride and she would run next to me. She went from that to nothing. In case you couldn't tell, her being ok again made my year.

Anywho, had to share the wonderful news! Now my Spoonful for today. Then I'm going back to the addicting book I started in the waiting room at the vet this morning. I'm going to have to finish it before I go to sleep. The curse of reading...

I adore these bowls, along with almost all of the other pieces in Brooke Millecchia's ceramic pottery shop. She hand-paints her items too! I also like the Breakfast Tumbler a lot. It was hard to decide which picture to use...

I hope everyone has a great night! I'll be MIA till my book is finished.

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