Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"you'll be so proud" sugar

I'm planning ahead. I know I'm going to be gone tonight, so I'm doing my Spoonful before I leave. Novel idea, I know. Aren't you proud??? :)

I gotta hurry though because I had a bunch of stuff to do today and now I'm running late. Haha. Not enough hours lately. That's good though. To quote Keirsten, "Don't you feel kind of perversely self-satisfied when you feel exhausted because you were out screwing around with your friends?" I definitely do :)

Tonight's Spoonful is very festive. I'm in a festive mood :) God, I need to quit with the smiley faces. I'm annoying myself. Anyway, it comes from Linda Sue Designs.

It's called a Fairy Light! How fun is that? I have this thing for lanterns already, but I love the vintage look of this one. How cool would a whole bunch of them be outside at night? Yeah. Really cool.

Ya'll have a good night. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!



  1. Those would be beautiful outside! Love it

  2. That's wonderful!! I can just see them all over my deck. You can never have too many smiley faces!!

  3. or like if you had an indoor tree, or like a big planter with those tortured willow branches, and you could hang these on there with tea lights inside. Turn out all the other lights. Like at Christmas! You could even make a chandelier out of a bunch of them.