Saturday, June 13, 2009

need help picking some sweetness

So I'm gonna buy myself a little present since I got a surprise check in the mail. Not a lot. Maybe around $50. I want to get a couple little things instead of one big thing, but I can't decide what to get!! I haven't shopped in forever. I'm not keeping track of how long though because it might make me lose my ever-loving mind. It's unnatural.

So anyway, one of the things I'm looking at is a new watch. I found these spoon watches that I really like. They're my style - silver and simple. They come from LT Creates Jewelry. I've narrowed it down to two choices, but I can't decide. I've left them open for a couple days on my computer. That usually helps me pick cause I lean towards one or the other, but I'm so stuck on this.

So the watches are going to be my Spoonful and everyone is going to help me decide which one I need!

So what is it? One or two? Hammered or smooth?  Check out all the other spoon jewelry in the shop while you're at it! I love spoon jewelry :)

In my quest for a little treat, I've found that I really like expensive things. These watches are totally reasonably prices though. I love it when I find something like that!

So give me opinions! And any other ideas you have for cool stuff for me to buy :) I'm going to make this last!

Sleep tight!



  1. i actually like the one with the hammered look. that way if you bang it up it will match the rest of the design. lol. but seriously i think the hammered look brings something different and unique to the watch.

    hope that helps.

  2. They are both gorgeous! But I think one is my favorite!

  3. me too, I like the first one, has a softer look. I think I like the wider band too.

  4. the second one, it doesn't seem like it would swallow your little wrist so much:).

  5. I like the first one...but I couldnt really give you a reason why! Ha!

  6. I love them both. Normally I would go for the first one...but I am kinda leaning toward the second one more for some reason.

  7. Fantastic watches! You always find the best things for your spoonfull. I like the curved watch face of the first one. But I like the smooth band of the second one. Such a dillemma...ha ha