Thursday, June 4, 2009

can i just say...

...that I have the BEST readers EVER! You guys rock. Thank you so much for your emails and messages and thinking of me today. I'm glad to say that it's not quite as hard as I anticipated. A migraine is creeping in, but nothing a little tequila...I mean Tylenol...won't cure. I was gonna do my Spoonful, but I'm supposed to be leaving for Stacy's house now and I haven't even dried my hair yet. However, I will attempt to get to it tonight when I get home. And if I don't, I have a feeling that everyone would understand.

Oh and I applied for that columnist position, so now we'll just have to wait and see! And thank you (again!) to everyone for the support on that too. I'm glad I'm entertaining :)

You all make me smile!



  1. Good luck on the position!

  2. I am so sending all of my positive thoughts your way!!

  3. Which tequila, I mean tylenol are you taking? We were actually in Mexico for Christmas 2 years ago to celebrate our oldest son's graduation the following June. Hubby brought home 3 bottles of tequila. Who knew it came in different flavors.

    Good luck with the job - if it's what you want to do I hope you get it!! I can really see you writing a column, your blog is so much fun to read.
    Have a great weekend.