Monday, June 29, 2009

i'm sorry sugar :)

I know, I know. I'm bad. Life has been crazy lately though. Things got really stressful. Then I kinda went crazy and got a social life all the sudden. I'm remembering what it's like to be able to do whatever I want. It's a hell of a lot of fun. I've gotten home after 4am three nights this week. My body is very, very upset with me. I'm so danged tired. But I can't stop smiling. I think I might be truly happy for the first time in a long time. Who knows if it will last, but I'm going to revel in it while it does.

I actually ended up signing the papers today. You know, it was pretty ok. I have to mail them off tomorrow. I think it's gonna be all right. I was afraid there for awhile. I need to slow down though. Haha. The stress combined with the late nights is kicking my butt.

I really need to get back on track. Like actually working during the day...I had a custom order today though. I'm really, really excited about it. It's going to be my biggest project yet :)

For now, I'm just going to do my Spoonful and get some sleep. That way I don't tile my work table tomorrow.

It comes from Letter Perfect Designs. I've been having a thing with pillows lately. I need to get my own place because I'm totally having decorating withdrawals. These pillows are the cutest things ever!

How darling are those! I'm loving the buttons. Jersey would probably chew the buttons off and then I would have to wring her little furry neck. Maybe I'll just get like 12 back-ups :)

I'm getting delirious. Oh! I went to CVS today and had only minor issues. It was an effing miracle. I called this morning to check on them and they said that they had refilled them and I hadn't picked them up so they put them back into stock. Funny story. This time, I didn't get a phone call. Before I get calls and they act like they've never heard of prescription meds, and now I'm not getting calls. But I planned ahead for their stupidity. I call this morning and they were all ready when I got there this afternoon. I was incredibly nervous. Now would not be a good time for something like that to happen to me. I get grumpy when I'm tired.

Anyway, everyone have the sweetest of dreams.



  1. Hi!

    On PW it says one click...65 page views...not really sure how to read all of it yet. I put my ad space up tonight and I put those big ass ads up...I think my blog template is wrong for the ad size I put up and half the ads are cut off! I have been trying to figure out how to fix it all night and I am getting way frustrated. I feel bad that the people's ads are cut in half :( I guess at least they were free.

    Anyway, I am glad things weren't that bad at the signing. I am so happy to hear that you are happy. It is a great feeling to take back your own happiness. Get some sleep...but don't stop going out and having fun!

  2. Oh and I forgot to comment that those pillows are adorable! I am sort of developing a pillow fetish myself.

  3. YAY for a social life!!! But don't you feel kind of perversely self-satisified when you feel exhausted because you were out screwing around with your friends? I love that. I have a personal policy never to regret that kind of exhaustion. Kind of exhausted and charged up at the same time. YAY for you!!! It is also a legitimate excuse for not posting. Because you were busy having a LIFE. Love the pillows. I wonder if those buttons would come out on their own or if Jers would need life-saving surgery? Best not to find out.

  4. I must ask...who are you out with so late at night:)??