Thursday, June 11, 2009

sugar coated soul

Hey all. Sorry about yesterday; fantastic day, horrible night. It's going to be over soon. At least that's what I keep telling myself. *sigh*

Anyway, I had a great day with Kait and Stacy. We shopped and played in fountains and ate out. It was a total blast. I took lot's of good pics, so I'll post them later. I gotta go to bed tonight. My soul is tired.

I found the most fantastic painting for my Spoonful tonight. I was half-heartedly searching for one (you  know it's bad when shopping fails to excite me...), and I saw this picture and I was just struck by the vibrancy. It's incredibly gorgeous.

It comes from Terrace Gallery. It's called Kindred Souls. And it's unbelievable.

Isn't it striking? I love the colors and the way they're blended. There's so much going on, but it doesn't look frantic or chaotic at all. I actually find it really peaceful. I'm not usually a big art person, but I want this on my wall. Along with some of her other stuff. I really like the "Some Like It Hot" painting too. I love the style and technique. Love at first sight.

I'm going to go take my wonderful sleeping pill and dream abstract, colorful dreams :) I'll try to be a little more chatty next time. I know how much everyone looks forward to my ramblings, haha. Have a good night!



  1. Wow that's really beautiful! Great find :)

  2. Thank is my latest style and I love it too! A lot of people tell me that my work is both dynamic and yet calm....I guess that would explain me as well...One big oxymoron. :)

    I would love to add you as a collector. Feel free to contact me....I might be feeling generous. ;)

    Sharon Cummings

  3. WOW. that is stunning. I could stare at it all day long. If I was going to be a painter that's would what I would want my stuff to look like! achingly beautiful.

  4. That painting is beautiful!

  5. Wow! What a beautiful find. I also love the colors.