Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sweet, sweet love

Holy crap I'm tired tonight. I was a busy girl today. It was a two shower day. Unfortunately there are a lot of those in Houston. Ugh. I went shopping for some custom orders and a b-day present for my BFF. I'm really excited about her present, but I can't say in case she reads my blog. It's way cool though :)

I also got this cool slate tile. I'm making a mirror and I really want to keep it. That would be bad though. It's just so gorgeous! Kinda sparkly and iridescent. There's pinks, greys, and blues. I got these ceramic edging tiles to put in between the slate. I'm in love.

Then I came home and stained stuff. In white shorts. Yeah, I know. I asked for it. I got "Deep Walnut" stain all up on them. After that it was just a free-for-all. I didn't know it was possible to make that much of a mess. I think I splatter painted the garage wall. I was covered, from head to toe. The only was to get stain off your skin is to exfoliate. Or you can just wait for it to wear off, but that takes a few days and I have to go in public tomorrow. I don't want people to think I have some weird disease. I was scrubbing with my salt scrub and I couldn't get this one spot off my arm. Then I realized I was scrubbing a freckle. See what happens when I have to take more than one shower in a day??

I was so gross though. I just stood in the garage staining today for maybe an hour and a half and I was literally dripping sweat. So nasty. I came in the house and it felt like an icebox. We've been keeping the air low cause of A/C bills too. My dog even ditched me about halfway through. She sat in front of the door and looked pitiful. Deserter.

I totally got a witch catalog today. Like for real. It's weird because that stuff scares the crap outta me. It has like these red and black velvet cloaks with hoods. There's a spell book and witch lingerie. And a coffin ring. Really. I'm not saying that everyone isn't entitled to their own beliefs, but there's some weird crap in there. I just have no clue why I'm suddenly getting that.

Anyway, I'm getting delirious. I wanna watch my DVR and drift off into an Ambien induced coma. But first, my Spoonful!

I fell in love with these necklaces from Just Peachy. I couldn't just pick one cause I love them so much, so I'm using 3 pictures. I seriously adore them.

I want them, I want them, I want them! They're so classy and unique. My list of things to buy when I get off shopping probation is getting long. I'm going to have to prioritize. These are going straight to the top of the list though! And she's in Houston too! It's fate :)

Hope everyone has a good one!



  1. Maybe you should order a spell for your ex husband out of that witch catalog ;< or maybe not... just sayin...keep it around in case he gives you any more trouble.

  2. wow, those ARE cool. Timothy Adam just did an interview with the artist on Handmadeology. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. Are the shorts salvageable--like could you just make Jackson Pollock shorts?

  3. Love those!!! Hey, what is this about you getting a job as a columnist? Huh? Did I miss something!?

  4. Love the necklaces!

    I think the staining bit is quite funny...esp you trying to scrub off a freckle. My mom used to that to me when I was little - I had a freckle on my forehead that she was constantly trying to scrub away.