Saturday, June 6, 2009

vintage sugar

I'm so proud of myself. I stayed off the computer like all day today. I only checked my email 4 times. For me, that's a huge triumph. I'm trying not to be such a recluse. Mom, Dad, and I took Jers to the dog park today. It was her first DP excursion since she broke her leg in October. She got worn out fast, but she had lots of fun playing with the other doggies.

Tomorrow I'm going with my dad to a "2nd Amendment Party" that one of his business networking groups is having. It's at a gun range, so we're gonna shoot and eat and hang out. It should be a good time. Or at least an interesting time :)

I gotta hurry this up cause I have emails to return. I'm sure tomorrow I'll have lots of colorful stories to tell everyone after the gun-toting festivities. Don't miss it!

*GASP* I just realized my Spoonful sold yesterday! I had it pulled up from yesterday morning to use today, and I went to grab the pic and it said it was sold! Sad day! I love it though, so I'm still gonna use it.

So apparently I have a thing for ceramics lately. I saw this and I couldn't help but love it! It takes me back to the days of all the "harvest" colored appliances. We had harvest gold ovens and a fridge. Mom still has harvest green Tupperware. It comes from Vintage Thick 'n' Creamy.

It's such a cool shape! It would be gorgeous with some flowers in it. Even though it sold, there are a bunch of other cool vintage finds in the shop, so check it out! Have a good night all!



  1. If only I had known, I would have loaned you my 2nd amendment shirt. It says 2nd Amendment on it and it has this guy in a suit...but he has bear arms. I love it...and not one person had ever "gotten" it. duh. Have fun...and take out some ex husband frustrations by shooting something!

  2. So this is completely unrelated to your post today, but every time I look at your shop, I want to buy EVERYTHING. I cant wait to find a house already so I know what colors we're doing everywhere so I can buy one of your pieces.

    And, in regards to your post, go you for staying away from the computer - I spent the entire day on the computer with the occasional cleaning in between. (and it was definitely supposed to be the other way around!)

  3. Oh I love that pitcher too! It's kind of vintage, but it looks really modern to me somehow! But very cool...

    That's too funny, I've never heard of a 2nd Amendment party, and I'm from Alabama!