Monday, June 8, 2009

gimme some sugar

You guys crack me up. Thanks for all the supportive man-hating earlier :) Makes a girl feel not so alone. I just had a good phone call. Put me in a good mood. It's always nice to talk to fun people. I laughed a lot. Very, very nice.

I'm watching "The Bachelorette". This show cracks me up. First of all, there's a guy named Kipton. Really? Kipton? I couldn't even say his name without laughing. It just screams tennis club with a sweater tied around his shoulders. Second, you've known these people for like 2.5 seconds and it's life altering if you don't get a rose. And boys are so drama. Like maybe worse than the chicks. They get in fights and try to be manly. It rocks to watch them make idiots of themselves. Kinda like on TV. Except it would be a lot funnier if they got to make up screen names. Guys seem to kick themselves in the ass on that one. I wanted to laugh a little more, so I went and picked out a fun screen name for today: DareUtoClick. Wow...can I pick truth?

I held off for as long as I could, but I had to pick more earrings for my Spoonful tonight. Plus the seller has a picture of dogs as her avatar. Cute earrings and doggies?? I never had a chance. The lovely earrings come from DorisWorks.

How gorgeous are those?? So elegant. I love the colors. The red is beautiful, but it's not too much. I have to have all my stuff match and I'd actually wear these with something other than red because it's so understated. Neeeeeeeeeeed them!

But ya'll, I totally haven't bought anything in over a week! Well, I bought more of those shorts the other day because I got an email saying they had new colors in stock (yes, I signed up for the email to inform me of that). But we've been over the fact that shorts are a necessity. Anyway, I'm quite proud of myself. I might need a little reward. Like one that dangles sexily (is that a word?) from my ears...



  1. I am positive of the fact that men are actually worse gossipers that women. Then they just talk about women being gossipers to disguise that fact that they're worse. Drama drama drama!

    Those earrings are gorgeous!

  2. Boys are also really catty, worse than girls. Junior high, high school, and even college were like one long episode of Queer Eye, without the humor or niceness. I'm going to do a blog post on bar pickup put downs. Congrats on your self control! Shorts are very practical, u will need them for your road trip. Got to look cute in your self-inflicted road trip blog photos. Love the earrings, and LOVE the photography. Dangly earrings don't have to be expensive!

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who said anything about road trip photos of myself??? I'll do some lovely scenery, but I look like crap when I travel.

  4. Wow, you picked some gorgeous earrings this time around. Not that I would encourage shopping if you're trying to be good, but you should totally get those. :)