Saturday, June 20, 2009

i'm missing you like candy

You know you're getting desperate when you use a Mandy Moore song for your title. And the 101st post seems a bit anti-climatic after last night. I'd better make it a good one.

I was talking to a friend on Facebook, and he was telling me about this chick he went on a date with the other day. And he said, "She's hot, but she kissed like an iguana." So gross. I would want someone to tell me if I kissed like an iguana. Then he says, "And she cuddled like a seal." Which I had to have explained to me. He was saying that she cuddled without arms. Like wiggly and weird. Like trying to hug someone with your hands cuffed behind your back. Holy crap that sucks. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to keep myself from actually laughing out loud. Like just laugh-till-you-cry hysterics. Who does that?

The highlight of my day was learning that there was a Target with an escalator. Holy cuh-rap. Two floors of Target! I didn't think it got better than Target; but wait! Twice the Target! Nirvana. If there is someone who can go to Target and not buy something, I don't want to know you.

In other news, I've been searching high and low for purple tile for my grandma's candle holder. Purple tile in itself wouldn't be an issue, but I need 1/2" x 1/2" purple tile. It was damned near impossible. There were mixes that had purple in them, but none that were all purple or the right shades of purple. I needed like pretty much violet. I've been looking for weeks. I finally found some today! She wants a dark green one too. Have I mentioned that dark green isn't really the thing in tile right now??? I didn't have enough energy left to look for that. Half the battle is won though.

Ok, I'm getting a really late start tonight. Soooo, without further ado, here is my Spoonful. It comes from Sakura Urban Studio. It's cutest little leather pouch with a leather poppy on it!

How precious is that?!? It would be a lot less complicated than my wallet. Everything would be in one place. I can never remember what slot or section I stuck something in. Plus leather is yummy! I love the way it smells. Then my fake designer purse would smell real :)

Love to all!



  1. congrats on the 100 posts! that is my goal i and know that it is a lot of work.

    i love love love target and a target with two floors is like heaven!

  2. Wow, you are officially prolific!! Important quality to have in a columnist. I, myself, am taciturn. A handicap in a blogger. I dated a guy once who could only do lizard kissing. Like, (risking TMI) the only thing he could do with his tongue was dart like a lizard. Tried to teach by example, "Do this [you oaf]", but he said, "I cayant" [he was from Tennessee].

  3. a two floor target? that does sound heavenly!!!