Monday, June 22, 2009

SALE, etc!

Hey all! I'm having a sale on my serving trays! Down to $60 from $75! Head to my Etsy or ArtFire and check it out!

It's also about time for my monthly throw-down with CVS. I'll be sure to document every shock inducing moment here. People seemed to enjoy my pain last time :)

On a lighter note, my Kroger card is getting mysteriously filled up with points. For those of you who don't know, when you use your Kroger card you get a $.10 discount per gallon on their gas for every $100 you spend in their store. So, $200 equals 2 fill ups at $.10 off. If you just have the card, it's $.03 off.

Anyway, I don't ever use my card cause when I go shopping for mom, I put the points on her card. However, every time I fill up it offers me the $.10 discount. Yesterday I was out running errands and Mom called to see if I could grab something from the store. I used my Kroger card. At the bottom of the receipt, it tells you your points balance. This is the only time I've used it this month, but somehow I had 286 points on my card. They don't carry over each month either, so it's getting continuously refilled. Someone, somewhere is not getting their gas discount. I've tried to figure it out, but it's a mystery. A cool mystery though. I'll take a discount on gas any day!

Gotta do some research for my next article now! Go see my sale!



  1. I used to get my gas at Smith's (Kroger) too, with the whole discount. Then I discovered...CENEX. No-ethanol-added gas, and my mileage jumped from around upper thirties to mid-forties in my Yaris. No lie. That ethanol knocks your mileage down like a piledriver. They supposedly add it to gas in cold climates to keep it from "freezing." What-EV. If you're scratching your head over your suddenly lousy gas mileage, try some non-ethanol gas. If you can find it.

  2. Maybe your ex is using a Kroger card with your name on it!

  3. The artfire shop looks great!

  4. hmmm...think I'd just go with it!! With the price of gas, I wouldn't be looking the gift horse in the mouth! Never did understand that saying, doesn't make any more sense typed out!
    ~Michele from By Your Side