Saturday, June 13, 2009

sweet and sexy

I totally got a check for $250 in the mail today!! It was one of those really official looking envelope thingies. The one's where you have to tear the sides and the top and then peel it apart. It reminds me of carbon copy paper. Anyway, Mom brought it in and handed it to me and I said, "Oh maybe it's a check!" And then we laughed because of course it's not a check. I'm not nearly that lucky. But it so was! And a pretty big one :) It was just my pension cash out from my last job. I was only there like 5 months, so I didn't have much. Apparently there was a provision that you either had to contribute or cash out. I was just gonna let it sit. But a check it cool too! Too bad I have to be responsible and pay bills. Although, I might splurge a little bit to celebrate. It's not everyday you get a random check in the mail!

We watched "Gran Torino" tonight. It was awesome! I love Clint Eastwood. His voice makes my throat hurt though.

My Spoonful tonight is a cute and sexy little dress that I found. Stacy was wearing an awesome summer dress the other day and it made me want one. I don't do dressy a whole lot, so I wanted something pretty casual but still hot. I adore gray, so this little number was perfect. It comes from Young Monster.

I wasn't prepare for the mask, so it kind of startled me at first, but it certainly makes it stand out. I just love the dress though.

Oh and I'll have you know, they totally jacked a picture of my body and put someone else's head on it. Hate that. But when you're as hot as I am, sometimes you just can't contain people :)

Sleep tight ya'll!



  1. too funny post! loved readin it! So Awesome your $250 it windfall or winfall...hhmmm windfall cause it just blew in unexpected or winfall cause you won..hhmm not sure. anyways Yipee!!!
    And loving the dress.... and I was just saying lookin at the picture...Hey! they put some other chicks head on her body! hahaha

    Have a great day! Crystal

    i think its winfall.....

  2. did i leave 2 comments.....????? i better go to bed....

  3. You would look hot in that, well with your head on the body, since I already know that is your body:)!

  4. Dress is cute, mask is ingenious. I bet a lot of people look!

    YAY for unexpected money!

  5. Young Monster is a great group. The gig posters are amazing and I love the hand screen printed stuff. They even do cool up-cycling of used clothes: cutting and sewing until old stuff is new again. The graphics are clever and the use of layering is amazing.