Friday, June 19, 2009

100 sweet posts!

It's my 100th post! That's so fun! I should celebrate. Maybe I should quit now. Just hit 100 and give up while I've still got it :) But who said I ever really had it...

I was thinking today, I totally should have done ballet. Then I'd have this lithe, graceful dancer's body. That would be awesome. I'd look like I was floating when I walked. I dunno why I thought of that.

So for my Spoonful tonight, I searched for "sexy dress". I need all the help I can get. The feeling sexy factor is way down. Anyway, I found this one dress that was way cute, so I clicked on the picture. I don't really read the description, I just open the window and then go look at a bunch of them in a row when I have like 12 windows open. So I clicked on this link and went on to look at others. Then I was going through them and I got to the listing for the cute dress. I was all confused because I was like, "Why is it shown on a Barbie?" Then I realized that was because it was a Barbie dress. I liked a Barbie dress. That just cracked me up for some reason.

But after awhile I realized that I had searched "sexy dress". Am I the only one who thinks it's wrong for my child's doll to wear anything with "sexy" in the name?? And I hate those Bratz dolls. Are you for real???

Off topic. I had to pick an extra special Spoonful for my 100th post. So I kinda went out on a ledge with some I absolutely adore, but I'm not sure I could pull off. It comes from GrazioliN.

How awesome is that??? I'd almost consider wearing it because the part of my stomach that would show is the part that's flat. Haha. Oh and by the way, I'm asking Santa for that body this year :) I just love all the colors and parts of the dress. And that bandeau top is too cute! And it's on sale. Holy crap. Pretty sure I'd wear it as a top though. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do it as a dress. Still it's danged cute. And maybe after 12 drinks or so, I'd go in the bathroom and take off my jeans and have a cute dress. Haha. But God I absolutely adore it.

I really like the mirror in the picture too. Wonder if that's included :)

Happy 100th post everyone! I have a few more things to do, so I'm gonna move on.

Night all!



  1. I think you could totally pull off that dress! That sentence just sounds wrong, but you know what I mean?! It would be cute as a top too!

  2. sexy! I would look like a link sausage if I put that on!

    Guess what? The girl who had the booth next to mine today was from Spring, TX! I didn't really get to know her very well because my anti social behavior was acting up and I had to save all my fake talk and smiles for my customers.