Sunday, June 14, 2009

something in which to carry my sugar

I took my puppy swimming today. It was a bone shaped pond. How fun is that?? She had a blast. I totally forgot my camera though, so that was sad. It took her awhile to get comfortable with the water again, but once she did she was swimming all over. She's darling when she swims, in case you were wondering. Then I gave her a bath in the doggie showers outside the park with her oatmeal shampoo. It's for sensitive skin :) She smells divine.

So today my mom was looking for something in the house. I said something about a shake-down and my family all stopped what they were doing and my sister said, "Have you been watching 'Lock-Up' again?" Ok, so I like prison shows. But last night I totally learned how to make prison wine and use an outlet as a cigarette lighter. Who says convicts can't teach you anything? I'm watching it now, and this guy just said, "I can't get along with people too much. Especially when they're evil." How in the heck do you argue with that? I don't get along with evil people either.

I am determined to go to bed at a decent time tonight. Last night I didn't take my sleeping pill till 1:30am. That becomes an issue when I'm trying to get up before noon. So I'm doing all my computer stuff early and I'm really proud of myself. I'm trying not to get distracted.

So in the spirit of expediting my bedtime, I'm going to do my Spoonful and finish up my other nightly stuff. I found the most darling bag. I really like purses and bags. It's yet another manifestation of my shopping disease. It comes from Ika Bags.

It's huge! I love huge bags. I love imagining all the things I can put in this bag. My computer, my Kindle, my wallet, my cell phone (that is really a waste of space because it doesn't work half the time), a bottle of water (which might not be smart with all those electronics). The list goes on and on. I would so have everything I ever needed if I had this bag.

Ok, I have emails to return and I have to browse and comment on blogs. I'll talk to ya'll later!

Sweet dreams!



  1. A bone shaped dog pool? How great! My dog Todd is so crazy. I could never take him to a place like that (like my sucky town would even have a place like that) because he would 100% take a shit in the pool. No kidding. Todd has a shitting problem. Before we take him anywhere, we have to get him in the front yard and say "Go poop, Todd." He does it on command now. If I had a bag like that, it would have a pooper scooper and plastic bags in it :)

  2. i love your "spoonfuls". i love huge bags too. i too have soo much stuff i would love to put in it. but then i never have enough and it is too much. lol.

  3. My dog would go crazy at a place like that! And oatmeal shampoo - where'd you get that, sounds great!

  4. OMG a dog named Todd. That is hysterical. Todd? It's like Brad. Or Dave. The dog next door at the campground is named Arnold. Have you seen Let's Go to Prison? They make toilet merlot. HYSTERICAL movie, you have to see it if you haven't.