Sunday, June 7, 2009

her lips tasted like a sweet red wine

I sold something today!!!! Yay! I'm so excited. I sold a blue serving tray I just listed a few days ago. I came home from the party and I had a sale. Very good day :)

The 2nd Amendment Party was cool. They had good food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, peaches, strawberries, chips, cookies, brownies, cole slaw, potato salad...everything you could think of. And everyone brought all their guns and we shot stuff. Mainly targets, but there's this weird phenomenon that occurs when grown men get around guns. They want to shoot everything. So after awhile we ended up shooting water bottles. Which was pretty cool cause the bottles exploded and water sprayed everywhere. They also had a thrower so you could shoot skeet if you wanted. I should have done that. I love to use shotguns! But I shot my dad's M-44 and his SKS. They were fun. The both have a kick and now I have gun marks on my shoulder. My fault for shooting in a tank top though. He brought his pistol too, but I don't really like handguns.

There were really nice people there too. Sometimes I feel out of place when I do things like that where I don't know anyone (and you know how good guys are at not ditching you...), but they were all so sweet. So it was a day full of food, guns, and rednecks. Just another day in Texas :)

You know those popsicles that are in the plastic tubes and you have to push them up to eat them? They're kind of old-school. Anyway, they always make me cough. Does anyone know why they do that?? I Googled it, but there's no answers. I really wanna know. Someone be smart for me!

My Spoonful today is too cute. It comes from Anja Designs. It's a bottle topper for wine bottles or olive oil bottles. I've seen them before, but I really like the style of these. They're kinda fun and cheery. I can totally see pretty bottles full of pretty stuff on my counter with these in the top.

Everyone would wonder where I got my awesome bottle toppers! I kind of have this thing with people wanting my stuff. I've noticed the theme running throughout my posts. I always want people to be jealous of my cool things. I wonder if that signifies some kind of deep emotional problem? Probably so. 

Oh well. I could get another prescription, but it would just be one more opportunity for the sadists at CVS to torture me.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Too bad tomorrow is Monday. Boo!



  1. My hubby and oldest son like to hunt. We live beside a creek and have lots of geese in the fall. Youngest son likes to target shoot, but not shoot animals. Glad you had a fun day!!

  2. I am glad you had a good time! I am kinda antsy about shooting. But, since I am alone for 24 hours every three days...I do know how to shoot. Just in case. I sleep with a 9mm next to my bed. How gangsta am I?

  3. oh and call Pizza Hut...they have a P'Zone and they deliver :)

  4. I think Deep Emotional Problems got a bad rap. It's just a derogatory term people with no Deep Emotional Problems made up cause they're jealous. See, it's just one more cool thing you have for people to be jealous of.

  5. Yay for a fun party and an awesome spoonful. Veeery fun!