Monday, July 27, 2009

twice in one day; will wonders never cease?

Yeah so. I was all set to do my Spoonful. I already have the little picture collage made and everything. But Etsy has chosen to do scheduled maintenance at this very moment, so I can't link any of the stuff! It is 2am, so I guess they tried to pick a good time. 'A' for effort. Too bad I'm up way past my bedtime feeling the need to post my Spoonful. Oh well. Shit happens.

I really should go to bed. Maybe it's a sign that Etsy is unavailable. Maybe the universe is screaming at me to quit staying up till all hours of the night and then sleeping half the day away. It does make me feel like an incredibly big deadbeat. But I don't need to work at the moment. So it's ok for awhile, right? I need to get back on a normal person schedule. For some reason I find myself feeling less and less normal every day. Wonder why that is...

Anyway, since Etsy has deserted me, I guess I'll go to bed. Don't let the bed bugs bites!


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