Monday, July 27, 2009

and the sugar comes full circle..

Gosh but Gmail is helpful. I still get the "be happier" ads, but those have since lost their appeal. However, I was checking my email earlier and I have a new one that is not only highly entertaining, it's rather enticing too. For reasons unclear to me, Gmail has picked up on my pyromaniacal tendencies. I have been offered the opportunity to get a degree in "Fire Science". What I want to know is why this wasn't available when I was in college. Forget my Master's...I'm starting fresh with "Fire Science". (Yes, I do realize that this is a degree for firefighters and the like, but pyromania is so much more fun. Besides, I'd learn everything I'd need to be an accomplished arsonist anyway.)

My blog has probably just been flagged by Homeland Security for writing that. I imagine next time I go to the airport I'll have quite an experience. They'll see my ID, think my name sounds familiar, check their watch list, and take me to the back room for a chat. And a cavity search. Golly, something to look forward to.

Speaking of watch lists, I got the phone call from CVS this morning; automated voice saying my scrips were ready. They called at 7:30am. I'm thinking that was totally on purpose. I know the automated voice didn't call anyone else at 7:30am. Anyway, I then got a call later in the day from a real live person to tell me that they had tried to refill some of them and they realized my refills were gone. Which I knew. I have the new scrips, I just haven't taken them in. I was wondering if they'd catch it. I was quite impressed when they did. The whole "we don't know anything about any prescriptions ever in the whole world" act was getting a tid bit tired. Glad they're changing it up. Keeping it fresh. Gotta keep me on my toes. Doing their jobs all the sudden; what a strategy. I certainly didn't see it coming.

Anyway, if you you remember, I talked about some good news that I got. I needed some time to get things figured out and just hold onto it for awhile. But now I'm just happy and excited and I want to tell people. So here it husband and I are going to work things out! He called me last week to say he missed me and he wanted to do whatever it took to fix our marriage! So I said yes. That's all I ever wanted from the beginning. It was a shitty, sucky, horrible, painful, awful 6 months, but now that everything turned out right in the end, the path I took to get here seems irrelevant. We both had a lot of time to reflect and learn things about ourselves. I know I've learned lessons that I will never, ever forget. I think we'll be a lot better for it. When it comes down to it, if either one of us wanted to be somewhere else, it would have been simple. All the hard things - telling our families and friends, divorce papers, etc. - were already taken care of. We both know what it's like to think you've truly and completely lost each other, and I know that neither of us will take it for granted again.

So, now I'm starting on a new journey. A happy, rebuilding journey. Believe me when I say that there will still be plenty of angry, sarcastic, entertaining posts. That's just who I am :) I told my husband that he might not want to read my blog because it said not nice things about him. He said my next post should be entitled "an apology to my wonderful husband". Ha! As if. I told him not to hold his breath. He called me a hooker and I called him an ass. God it's good to be back. I actually missed him calling me names. I guess I should put that in context since no one knows a whole lot about the good parts of our relationship. That's what we do. It's done with much laughter and love. Disturbing? Maybe. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

You know what's really disturbing though? Calling him by his name. Cuh-reepy. Unless I'm talking about him, I never use his name. I call him B. His name doesn't have a 'b' anywhere in it, and it's a long story as to how we got to that point so I won't bore you. But I just never use his name. He doesn't use mine either. Even when he's talking about me to someone he usually calls me Chelly. One of the things he did to really get under my skin during the dark times (that's what we decided to call the past 6 months or so) was to call me Michelle. It was the worst. My name was a punishment.

I'm not sure what the point of all that was. Maybe cause I'm stupid giddy happy. I realize that that could be quite a scary thing for all of you. I think I had a point though...

I just took a shower and I'm all shiny clean and ready to do my Spoonful now. My word for tonight is "circle". I'm at a point in my life where I feel like things have kind of come full circle, and I guess it symbolizes a new start. Whatever the reason, that was the word that stuck in my head. So circle it is.

How adorable are those notepads??? I am obsessed with notepads, especially sticky notes. But notepads in general. I'm forever needing something to write on and I never have anything in my purse. Which is shocking because of all the other crap I have in there. I usually end up writing things on the back of receipts and losing both my receipt and my note. Ugh. Paper gets all bendy and ripped in the bottom of my purse, so I stopped carrying it. But not these neato things. They have a little matchbook case to protect your precious paper.

I know what you're thinking...more trees. I can't help it! Trees apparently speak to me or something. I just looooove the colors in this one though! How darling would it be in a little girl's room? It's a happy tree. Like the "Giving Tree", but that story always kind of made me really sad. That little kid was a jerk. But I digress...

Gray is one of my favorite colors (what does that say about me, K?) and green is right up there too. I love the simplicity of the pillow. It would add the perfect touch to a room that already has a lot going on or it would draw the eye in a room that doesn't have much going on. A win-win, really.

And earrings. We all know how I feel about earrings. I am a little hurt that my polite request for all Etsy sellers to cease and desist earring selling until I got my obsession under control was ignored...But I have this thing for the earrings with the chains dangling like that. They're gorgeous and sexy! And these are certainly no exception. They caught my eye right away.

Anyway, I need to catch a little nap. Husband calls really early in the morning. Stupid time difference. He tells me not to wait up, but seriously. I missed 6 months of this shit. No way I'm taking my Ambien and then being all coked up and loopy when he calls.

Have a good night all!


p.s. I think I'm going to get a BlackBerry in the next few days...if I do I'll totally have Internet access when I go to Kansas. Depending on how you feel about me, that could be good or bad :) Anyway, how much fun would that be??? I've always coveted those stupid BlackBerry's. Now I get a pink one! It's nice to have cash flow again!


  1. Yay for your happy circle! Back to a new beginning. You know I'm happy for you! Uh, LOVE gray. So clearly if YOU like it that means that you are cool. Gray is soothing, elegant, understated and cool like Grace Kelly. That's why I'm so stuck on labradorite. B&W film is so ultra gorgeous, b/c of all the lovely shades of gray. Also why I think the socked in winters here don't bother me. Love the Fancy Tree (it's Klimt-y, I like circles too). And now you're getting a CrackBerry. See, posts from the road. Right on, married lady.

  2. Oh my goodness....I am shocked and happy for you!! I love a happy ending!

    I guess I will have to say I am sorry to him, too. Cause I sure thought he was an asshole. I'm still on your side and if he every crosses the line with you again he will once again be on the top of my shit list.

    Yay! Where are you gonna live?

  3. Oh good, I'm glad things are working out for you again! It was a little bit of a shock to hear, but I think any marriage deserves a 2nd chance.. or even 3rd or 4th!