Sunday, July 26, 2009

as long as it's after noon

Well, it's almost time for my monthly battle with CVS. Last month it was pretty painless, but I figure that can't possibly happen twice in a row. I'm not that lucky. I'm probably on some kind of watch list behind the counter. Like the ones at the airport for Osama Bin Ladin. That would be so awesome. It's a new life goal for me. Be on the CVS watch list. I'd strike fear into every employee's heart. Oh the pure, unadulterated joy of it all.

I had a sweet girl order one of my items and request a custom one! I'm so excited. I love doing custom items. I'm trying to get everything done before I leave next weekend. I'm also mailing a sample to the owner of a blog so that she can feature my items and do a giveaway. I'm pumped about that. She's been ever so patient with me as I was a horrible person and took forever and a half to email her back.

Well, the road trip is coming. Next weekend Jers and I are off for our big adventure. We're leaving Thursday to hit Dallas and stay with my friend. Then Sunday we'll cruise on up to good old Lyons, Kansas. Try to find that on a map. I'll probably spend a little over a week there and then head back through Dallas on the way home to stay with my cousin. Whew.

Unless I can bootleg a neighbor's wireless Internet connection (which I'm not even fully sure exists in Lyons...), I'll be MIA for awhile. I will, however, be taking pictures and making notes of entertaining things to tell everyone when I get back. Travelling never fails to bring out the crazy, sarcastic bitch in me. It should be fun.

Oh and while I'm thinking about it, I got the sweetest award from Michele over at By Your Side. It's the International Bloggers Community Award. There's a master list you get to be on if you get chosen! Too cool. At some point, I will be a good sport and play too. I just wanted to be sure to thank her for it though! So, thanks a ton Michele!

I had lunch with my Stacy yesterday. Always good, good times. Her in-laws had Miss K. That means we got to consume alcoholic beverages. You look like a really bad mother and aunt if you're drinking at 2pm with a 2-year-old in your booth. Not that it looks really great to be sucking down a Long Island Iced Tea at 2pm anyway, but hey. Like Stace says, "As long as it's after noon..."

Mmmmm...Long Island Iced Tea.

Anyway, we went to Marshall's afterwards and I got me some kickass Steve Madden sunglasses for $10. That's what I'm talking about. I could spend the rest of my whole life in Marshall's and/or Ross. There's just so much to see. And shit is so cheap! God I love cheap. Did I ever tell you that I got 7 pairs of jeans at Ross the other day for $100? I can't remember if I did or not. It was thrilling. And I'll have you all know that I did, in fact, need new jeans. I dropped a pant size and was sick of walking around yanking my jeans up with every step. I looked like an idiot. Anyway, back to the shopping experience. When the madness is over, the trip to the register is in slow motion with the "Chariots of Fire" theme song playing in the background.

I really need to stop using my blog to avoid all the things I should be doing. Gotta wash my sheets and vacuum and do some staining. Hopefully I will have enough time to get on later and do a Spoonful. Fingers crossed.


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  1. Yes, you don't know real power until you've made a clerk stutter and pee a little. Something for the bucket list. (And then you just hope they don't deposit any of their genetic material in your Ambien next time). I will miss you while you're on your road trip! Hope you have air-conditioning. Look forward to stories! I'm all about cheap too--I like to count my items when I'm done and then say, I got 12 things for $65. BTW, really really cute things in the Penney's junior's dept--CUTE dress pants!!! (and Shopko juniors, go figure, cute jeans), if you need smaller items (yes, baggy butts on your pants are creepy). Are you going to post pics of your custom items?