Wednesday, July 22, 2009

little black spoonful

This is going to be kind of a "post and run" thing. Sorry about that. I'm just excited about my next Spoonful and wanted to get it in real quick! I was feeling sassy the other night and I searched "little black" on Etsy. I found some really fun stuff, but I've narrowed it down to 4 for my Spoonful collection.

Everyone knows about the LBD. Sadly, I don't own one. I need one now. That's exactly what I picture when I think of an LBD though. Simple, sleek, sexy, elegant, and classy. It's absolutely fantastic!

And that BAG! Oh my gosh! That would go with my LBD (the one I don't own) perfectly! It's such a cool and unique style.

I picked the Little Black Dress Soap because it seems powerful to me. Really feminine and sexy. Plus, it's black soap. How cool is that?? The perfect thing to prepare for your LBD night out.

Heaven forbid I don't include jewelry in my Spoonful...Love, love, love those earrings though! They'd look great on my ears with my hair pulled up. All shiny and dangly and cute. I can see it now :)

I just need somewhere to take all my cool little black stuff now! It's on my list though, believe me!


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  1. That black soap is so cool. Looks like obsidian. I wonder what it would do to the tub. Or my skin. Or the shower curtain. Looks like it would smell really really good. The bag is fab. A great way to force yourself to simplify (I have the Big Bag O'Crap I carry around). Thanks for sharing! (Hope your string of bad days is over).