Thursday, July 2, 2009

real quick

I have so much stuff to do today before I leave. I need to get a coat of grout on the mirror, do laundry, write an article, and pack. Lordy. But I wanted to share some pictures of my work in progress with y'all!

It's just been stuck and sealed, so it's nothing spectacular. But that's where it starts! Gotta grout now! If I don't make it back before I leave tonight, happy 4th of July to everyone! Be safe and remember the ones that are keeping us safe!



  1. You have a safe holiday Michele. see you when yo get back! 8)

  2. the mirror looks great! have a happy and safe 4th!

  3. Can't wait to see the mirror when it's done!
    You too have a safe & FUN holiday!!

  4. Thanks for showing us the pics!! Is the mirror under the paper? Are the tiles stuck to the mirror or to something else?