Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ruby red sweetness

Hot. So hot. I feel like I live on the equator. This is outrageous. I've probably said this 812 million times, but I don't ever remember it being this miserable before. Come on fall! Not that it will really cool off here at all till October, but I can't wait for all the fun holidays! Fall and winter make me happy.

So, my Spoonful theme today: ruby. I was inspired by Keirsten's necklace/bracelet (which is included in the collection). I love that sucker. Plus, Ruby is my grandma's name. I adore my grandma. She is the most incredible person I know. So rubies make me happy. So I went with it. I found some really awesome stuff.

Today's lovely collection includes Ruby Red Rose Natural Soap from Intentions, Ruby Red Convertible Necklace-Bracelet from Lune Designs, Ruby Jade from Honeytree, and Ruby Flock Flower Placemat from Kainkain.

How fantastic is that print? It's incredible. I love the colors together. I usually have a hard time deciding what to pick, but I saw that and immediately knew it was going in. Doesn't that soap look yummy? I'm kinda scared to buy something like that cause I really want to eat it. Is that weird? Probably. But weird is what I do, so it's cool.

I think you all know by this point that I am not a place mat type of girl, but this one ROCKS! I love the black and red together. And it's so simple. I'm actually setting my dining room table in my head. For someone who wants to throw her remote through the TV when wedding shows come on, that is awfully domestic.

And I saved the best for last...that necklace! First of all, it's two pieces of jewelry. Common sense tells us that two is always better than one when it comes to jewelry. And the colors are incredible. The beads look so smooth and cool. Kinda like glass tile. I apparently have a glass thing.

I really need to take a shower now. I have to finish laundry before I can pack to go visit my sister. Oh, I'm going to visit my sister today. I'm going to spend the rest of the week with her. See if I can't get her in a little trouble.



  1. THANKS MICHELLE!!! I created that little number in honor of the July birthstone. It's all glass--that must be why you love it! Glass rules!!!

  2. Have fun!! Get in enough trouble for all of us, okay?

    I love that print too! I just adore red and turquoise together.

  3. Michelle! really cool stuff! Love any shade of red in jewelry. The necklace is awesome. The print is something that i want in my house!!! and yup the eating the soap thing. with ya there. I like place matts, not sure why as my boys think it is just an excuse to be pigs...LOL.

    have fun gettin into trouble with your sister! Say hi to her for me! LOL 8) 8)

  4. Tell me about it! We are just waiting for the rain (which is not coming!) And to top it off the air conditioner in my car went out!

    I love all the ruby red items! Beautiful!

  5. I say that every summer; was it this hot last year? This isn't normal! It's a bit hotter there than in San Diego but seriously I feel like we are going to melt away.

    I LOVE your picks for today!

  6. It was hot here too today, but then I am an Oregonian and you'd probably want a jacket!! Love the Ruby Red Convertible Necklace-Bracelet, and I could eat the soap too!!
    Have a great time with you sis and get into some trouble!!