Thursday, July 30, 2009

road trip: day 1

Well, I made the 4 hour drive to the Dallas area today. It went really quick. I guess today was a driving mood day. I took some pictures for ya'll. I was telling hubby about my pictures and he made fun of me because I turned around to take one of them. I think he's scared that I'm going to turn all our future road trips into a big picture fest. He's probably right to be scared. I told him to shut up cause I was having fun.

I'm at my friend Kati's house. Gawd...gorgeous. I'm so jealous! And it is so Kati. She's awesome at decorating and even used orange in her dining room. I love orange!

Holy crap there's a Spam commercial on TV right now. I didn't even know they had Spam commercials.

Angela has requested more details about "you know who". I think I know who "you know who" is...kidding. What do you want to know?? I'll take questions :)

So, this is the one I turned around to take. I was flying down a back road and I happened to look to the left, where a horse was standing on the front porch of this house. It's kind of hard to see, but that's totally what's happening. I don't know why I'm so amused by this, but I am. Enough to flip a U-turn, take the picture, and flip another U-turn.

This is a picture of the big white statue guy that we always pass. It's Sam Houston. I don't know if anyone who's not from Texas even knows who that is, but it's kind of a thing on our trips to Kansas to point out statue dude.

Ok, so this is my Dairy Queen Blizzard. They shut down all the Dairy Queens that are by my house, so when I stopped to get gas and there was a Dairy Queen at the same exit...well, I got one. Clearly. It had Snickers in it.

These would be my chocolate donuts. I so told you I was getting some. Did I get them at the same exit at which I got my Blizzard? Yep. Is that really bad? Yep. Did I still eat them both? Absolutely. Calories don't count when you're in the car. Duh. My husband begs to differ. He was just like, "Holy hell you have got to stay away from that stuff!" I can't. Impossible.

The clouds were pretty. And I was in a good mood because I had been watching the temperature thingy on my rear view mirror drop steadily. I'm only 4 hours north of Houston, but it's so much nicer here! There's like zero humidity. When I left this afternoon, it was 103. When I arrived in Dallas a little under 4 hours later, it was 88. I find myself strangely eager to continue north...

This is my view during the majority of the drive. Where she gets the energy to stand on my console and balance the entire time, I do not know. She likes to scope out the road though. Whenever we pass cows (which is quite often) she almost kills herself in her hurry to get back into the back seat to look at them as they go by.

So, those are today's pics. I'm sleepy now. But I have to wait for husband-o-mine to call. Hopefully that will be soon.


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  1. That is the cutest dog picture ever!!

    I want to know where you will be living, is he in Iraq now, if so when will he be back, I am just very nosy and want all the details :)

    I am happy for you.