Saturday, August 22, 2009

wild horses and rockin' plastic tubs

I'm trying to avoid eating. I really, really want some Froot Loops. Bad. They sound sooooo good. Ugh. Must stop talking and thinking about Froot Loops.

I got pretty much everything packed today. I have a shit ton of stuff. It's all sitting around in my rockin' matching plastic tubs. I look super duper organized. Pretty unsure about how I'm going to get it all in my car though...*sigh* Oh well. That's a problem for tomorrow.

You know what's really hard to pack?
Hangers. In retrospect, it wasn't a good plan to try to pack them. As my husband so kindly put it, "We can buy new hangers. Seriously. They're like 10 cents." Thanks for the observation, sweetheart. What he was thinking was, "Holy Mother Mary. What is wrong with this chick?? She's packing freaking hangers. Hangers! What did I do when I committed my life to her? I wonder if that's a reason to back out. Hanger packing. Hmm...sounds familiar. I'll have to look into that..." I really do feel bad for the kid though. I've been running around like a nutcase stressing about all this shit. He just keeps telling me to calm down and that I don't have to bring everything and that it'll all be ok. He's trying to be all Zen and I really just want to kick him in the shins real hard.

I had been packing for 4 hours straight and for some reason it seemed like a good idea to cram all my hangers into my suitcases. I have a lot of hangers. I then realized 2 things:

1. I didn't need to take my suitcases because we have like 8 at the apartment in Georgia and all my clothes are in rockin' matching plastic tubs. Basically I was going to transport 2 suitcases of hangers. I know. I'm an idiot.

2. I don't have room in my car for 2 suitcases full of hangers.

So I wrestled them back out. They were all tangled because I had zipped the suitcases partially closed and then just forcefully shoved them in. The whole thing probably took me 45 minutes. Such a waste.

I'm trying to pack only things I really need in like the next 2 months or so. After that I'll head back down to Texas for a few days and get whatever didn't fit the first time around. However, I have this strange compulsion with getting everything in one trip. We'll see how that goes, come loading time. I'm going to have to be really creative. Somehow, in my head, my car had a lot more cargo space than it did when I opened it up today. Oy vey.

Basically, I just want to throw everything out of a 12th story window and watch it crash to the ground. I have this fantasy of my rockin' matching plastic tubs bursting open and watching my clothes scatter everywhere. It would have to be in New York or something because there are a lot of people around watching and gasping in awe. There's even a soundtrack with an orchestra and when my stuff hits the ground there's like this huge crescendo with cymbals. Another fave is all my bins being lined up in front of a firing squad and then my crap exploding everywhere as they're riddled with bullets. There's a soundtrack for this one too. It starts with the song they play at the showdowns in the movies. There's also tumbleweeds involved. There's also the tried and true "trampled by wild horses" vision. Although this is usually one I reserve for people and not things. I'm making a special exception. This is where my mind goes...

Tomorrow is my last torturous packing day though. I'm on the road Monday morning. Then I get to unload all of it and find somewhere to put it. Oh goody. Maybe I'll just wait till TJ gets home and make him do it. "Here honey. Help me unload, unpack, and put away all my crap after your 18 hour, multiple flight trip. Missed you!" I really don't know precisely how long it takes to
get back from where he is. Although it feels like I should, since this is his 3rd trip. It's funny how you forget things like that. At the time it seems life changing as you count every hour. Now I can't even remember. Guess he's kind of old news at this point...Stop gasping and making tsk-tsk sounds. I'm kidding.

I was going to do a Spoonful, but the only words I can think of are stomp, packing, moving, kick, and cramps. You'd be surprised how little there is to work with when you type those things into the Etsy search window.

Well, after all that, I still want Froot Loops. Problem is, I kind of feel like I deserve them. Just like I felt like I deserved 812 Cheez-It's and that ice cream from Chick-Fil-A.

I'm going to do something mind-numbing and brainless. Have sweet dreams, everyone!


p.s. The pictures represent about 1/3 of the stuff I'm hoping to fit into my car...Check back tomorrow, when I will go insane after attempting to load my car. It promises to be a good read.

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  1. Oh good luck! I feel so sorry for you! Where in the world are you going to put Jers?