Sunday, August 2, 2009

gerry saves the day

Holy crap, there's internet in Lyons, KS. Thank you Gerry (whoever you are...) for having an unsecured network. You are my hero.

Driving was pretty uneventful today. Pretty sure I'm in traction from sitting that long. And good news, I only almost committed murder about 812 times. This has got to be a record for me. Mostly because for about the last hour and a half there was no one on the same road as me. This drastically cuts down on the number of morons I encounter. Don't even get me started.

Oh, creepy. I saw this sign on the way into town that said "Save the human babies." Uh...ok. I mean, I totally get the whole pro-life non-abortion thing, but save the human babies? Really? As opposed to what? The zebra babies?

I stopped at a rest stop today to stretch and let Jers pee. I always park waaaaaay down at the end so I can just let her out of the car and not have to screw with a leash. So I'm like half a mile from all the other cars and Jers is wandering around sniffing junk. Then out of nowhere comes this pack of children. Ok, it was only three, but they were travelling in a mini-herd. It was a boy and two girls. Maybe 7, 4, and 3. So they just waltz up to me and start chatting me up about Jers. Which it totally cool. Kids rock. But the whole time I'm wondering where in the hell their parents are and why these children are wandering alone at the far end of the parking lot. At a rest stop for Mary's sake. Do you know what kind of things happen at rest stops??

Anyway, they're petting Jers and telling me all about where they're from and where they're going. They all but gave me their address and very specific directions to their house. And still I wonder where the grown-up's are. So about 10 minutes after we struck up a conversation, these two ladies come walking down the sidewalk. They just kind of smiled vacantly at me and told the kids to come on. If I was a not nice person (which I'm totally not) I could have had those kids in my car and halfway through Oklahoma by the time dumb and dumber realized they were gone. For crying out loud. I don't advocate child leashes, but for people that clearly brain damaged, it might be something to consider.

I was going to do a Spoonful, but I'm really kind of worn out. Stupid people make me tired. So I'm going to fire up "Design Star" on my computer and wait for TJ to call and tuck me in. Sleep tight everyone! And pray that Gerry doesn't secure his network anytime soon.



  1. Very true! People are crazy, scary and stupid. I'm glad Gerry didn't secure his or her network :)

  2. wow- stupid people continue to amaze me! Especially when they're parents... my favorite is when you see a kid walking through a parking lot or something without any shoes on.

    oh yeah- the 'save the human babies' thing is really creepy! LOL