Thursday, August 20, 2009

lemon sugar sunshine

I know, I know. My titles are just getting downright stupid. I have this strange obsession with having something about sugar in them though. I can't help it. My fingers itch to type something less idiotic, but I can't do it.

Read a great blog post today...for any of you who buy bath and body stuff from sites like Etsy or Artfire, this is a must read. I never thought about the effects of essential oils on your body mostly because they're supposed to be "natural" and "natural" can't possibly be bad for you. It's natural, right?? Since I know absolutely nothing about all this stuff, this provided some really good information and made me stop and think.

I got absolutely nothing productive done today. However, I suppose that depends on who you ask. I got 3 perfect fitting bras. If you're a woman, you know what an accomplishment that is. I despise bras. I hate them so much that I hate spending money on them so I usually just get one that fits pretty ok from Target or something.

As we all know, the husband is coming home soon. It's been almost 6 months since I've seen him. So I decided I'd go to Victoria Secret and get something nice. I figured about $60 for a nice little set wouldn't kill me. So I go to the mall, pop into the store, browse a little, and head for the dressing room. I've never been into a dressing room at VS. I felt like a freaking rock star. It was a bit awkward at first since they measure and grope you, but it was oh so worth it.

So you walk up and they ask "what size bra you're wearing today". Not kidding. So I announced it in front of a roomful of strangers. The chick looked at me like I was crazy. Now, I'm not going to tell you my bra size. That borders on tacky. That's clearly info that only gets shared in the privacy of the VS fitting room. I will tell you that I was wearing a bra that was 2 sizes too big in the band and one cup size too small. Go figure. You know, you feel like a bleeding idiot when you find out how off you've been in that kind of thing. I mean, I'm 25. You'd think I'd know what size bra I wear.

Anyway, back to feeling like a rock star. The girl measured me and put me in a dressing room with my name on the outside on a little pink card. Then she starts bringing me all these bras in my size. Then she checks them all for the perfect fit. And I'll be danged if she wasn't absolutely right. It was like a rebirth for me. A bra that fit. I went insane. I got out of there for under $300...barely. I told TJ that I spent "kind of a lot of money". He didn't ask how much. He even actually said something along the lines of "oh that's fine". Funny how accommodating they are when you're buying VS lingerie.

Anyway, that was like the highlight of my year. If you've never been properly fitted (don't I sound fancy??), you should take care of that. It's a whole new outlook on life.

I'm sure you all feel very enlightened now. I'm getting sleepy and TJ will be calling to tuck me in soon, so I'm gonna do my Spoonful now. It's lemon-themed.

I love, love, love this little sign! It makes me want to have a sunny yellow kitchen. At this point, I really just want my own kitchen. Soon. Soon. But I do have yellow dishes...I'm halfway there!

I don't know why I have this thing for lemons all the sudden. I'm so ready for autumn and winter, but I pick this bright summer yellow. I kinda want to carry this little clutch with a little black dress, but then I'm afraid I'd look like a bumble bee. But the purse is so stinking gorgeous. Not only do I adore the color, but the style is incredible. Very classy and elegant.

Is it just me or is this like the most precious little girl in the whole wide world? How cute is she in her little model pose with her big blue eyes and lemon dress?? The dress itself is darling too; with ruffled sleeves and a bow at the waist.

I love bath stuff. Especially salts and scrubs. This is a super cool scrub in cube form. And it smells like lemon creme! How yummy and decadent! I love lemon cookies. I'd smell like a lemon cookie all day. Then I'd be hungry all day. But I would smell delicious! And I'd be silky smooth.

And now I have to go downstairs and have some lemon cookies because all this lemon talk had given way to a craving. Not that it takes a whole lot to make me hungry.

Don't let the bed bugs bites!



  1. I have to say, I know how you feel, I did the VS thing right before the wedding, and unfortunately now I just don't buy a bra unless I save for 6 months, haha, but TJ will be appreciative;), as if he isn't already!

  2. I have never been fitted! I know my bras have to be the wrong size because I tug on them all day. I have narrow shoulders and I can't keep a strap up to save my life. Of course, since I live in BFE...there is no VS for at least two hours in any direction.

  3. Yum! Now I am craving some lemon cookies to have with my coffee!
    I totally agree about the bra fitting! Oprah did a show once and not one woman was wearing the right bra! Don't feel bad I was 35 before I figured it out!
    ~Michele from By Your Side